Walk Along A Meadow of Poppies With Jo Malone London's New Scent

Jo Malone London unveiled its latest scent Poppy & Barley. A whiff of the new floral fragrance takes you to the English wheat fields where vivid poppy flowers bloom. Jo Malone London launched Poppy & Barley in Manila with society figures like Juliana Gomez, Tim Yap, and Patricia Prieto. Floral decor in pale hues of pinks, oranges, and yellows added sophistication to the event.

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Jo Malone London Poppy & Barely with other fragrances.

A field of poppies

The floral fragrance begins with a crisp Blackcurrant, followed by the fresh poppy scent, and ends with the musky of barely. Poppy & Barley perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui explains poppies lack a specific scent and thus, she combined red roses and an accord of green notes to resemble the vivid color. The perfume also comes with a body and hand wash to allow the fresh scent to linger on your skin.

Jo Malone London Poppy & Barely bottles display at the launch.

Surrounded by blooms

Society figures graced the launch in Manila where they enjoyed trying on the latest scent. Numerous poppies in different colors surround the cologne bottles. Apart from wearing Poppy & Barely, guests decorated their own Jo Malone London box. The mini station witnessed the creativity, imagination, and attention to detail of the guests. Afterward, the guests memorialized their work through a photo with it. They also had fun having their portraits shot amidst massive poppies as backdrops.

Scroll below to see the rest of the event photos by Magic Liwanag, Keso Jose, and Jamie Mapagu.

Rosenthal Tee.
Mond Gutierrez.
Bea Soriano-Dee.
Patty Laurel-Filart.
Juliana Gomez.
Bianca Brandner.
Rajo Laurel and Mond Gutierrez.
Patty Ang.
Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi.
Tim Yap.
Ria Prieto and Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi.
Lifestyle Asia’s Editor-in-Chief Dong Ronquillo.

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