Atty. Joey Lina on Upholding the Heart and Heritage of Manila Hotel - LA Lives

Hospitality, five-star experience, and luxurious living are only some of the things that Manila Hotel can offer its guests. The hotel’s service is always guaranteed to be outstanding, thanks to its amiable president, Atty. Joey Lina.

From powerful politician to hotel management tycoon—a force that is unyielding.

The former governor of Laguna and former senator of the Philippines has left his political life behind to serve people in a new way, particularly through hotel management. Atty. Lina is friendly and approachable in all senses of the words. As he made his way through the hotel lobby, he greeted guests and employees alike with genuine happiness on his face. He welcomed people with a warm smile that seemed to light up the whole place, and each handshake he gave out was accompanied by a delightful “Mabuhay!” His congenial temperament is one of the traits that make him the perfect fit to be president of one of the most famous five-star hotels in the country.

His mission of upholding heart and heritage

After his life as a politician, Atty. Lina ventured into the world of hotel management, and found himself at the helm for more than twelve years. Here, he made it his mission to serve The Manila Hotel employees first and foremost. “[I want to] help provide them with a work environment conducive to promoting their human dignity, and enabling them to be excellent providers of service to hotel guests whether in their hotel rooms, restaurants, functions, and event venues.”

As president, he has his fair share of challenges, successes, and great contribution to the business. One of the hurdles he faces on a daily basis is maintaining the globally admired, national historical landmark that is The Manila Hotel, which is 107 years old this year. He helps bolster the image of the hotel as the “true heart of the Philippines” which also serves as a great source of pride for us Filipinos.

Aside from giving world class hospitality service, Atty. Lina ensures that The Manila Hotel is keeping pace with today’s technology. Strong internet service is no longer a luxury but an essential to hotel businesses. The Manila Hotel has adapted to today’s digital environment with their reliable internet service, enabling them to provide quality service that guests expect.

Atty. Lina makes sure to provide only the best service to the hotel guests with some help from technology, provided by Eastern Communications, an established and premier telco provider for 140 years. While he brings the warmth of the hotel to everyone who enters the premises, it is through Eastern Communications’ internet services they make their presence and commendable reputation known online. This service also creates a deeper level of assistance to the customers by allowing them to personalize their stay at the hotel. Everything from the duration of their stay, room type, and even food and beverage preferences can easily be taken note of online.

A man of the people

Managing people, connecting with them, and tending to their welfare are duties Atty. Lina has been an expert at for years, and his background speaks for his success at this. “Prior to my being president of The Manila Hotel, I was in government service for almost 22 years: as governor of Metro Manila, two-term senator, two-term Laguna province governor, and lastly as secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government. Great and deep experience in public service, plus prior 17 years in NGO work, has honed my people skills, leadership, and organizing abilities. This experience helped me in developing and expanding a wide network of friends and contacts in the public and private sectors, which proved useful in marketing and selling the offerings of The Manila Hotel.”

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