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This attorney is bridging the conduits of the law towards its next evolution; from stone tablets, to the reaches of the world wide web

Natural law is founded squarely on the lap of mankind’s ever-changing dispositions. This means that those enforcing the rule of law must learn to keep it dynamic in order to cater to the needs of all of its constituents. Attorney Tony Roman III’s recent strides over the social media giant known as TikTok do not only shed a light over our intricate legal system through a contemporary lens; it might just be transforming the way critical information is disseminated altogether.

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“I believe in best practices. The best practices are never about fixing problems, they are always about preventing problems.”

Attorney Tony Roman III on best practices

On his return

Before his meteoric rise in TikTok, the entire world of Attorney Tony Roman III was nestled comfortably in the boroughs of New York City. If most Filipinos were offered the opportunities that the attorney was able to earn for himself and his family in the United States, they would clutch it tighter than an eagle catching prey. And yet, after twenty years of living in one of the world’s most famous cities, the veteran lawyer chose to come back to his humble motherland: the Philippines. 

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Such a drastic and bold decision did not come easy for Attorney Roman. Most who would be in his position would choose the easy life, and yet the Attorney based his decisions on what he believes is his greater purpose. He declares: 

“I’m sort of like, I’m running the last quarter of my marathon and, where do I run it? Where is the finish line? It occurred to me to go where help is needed. I’m not saying [that] I’m a superhero, I’m not saying [that] I’m a messiah, I’m just saying that if I think I can contribute, then why not do it?” 

Attorney Tony Roman III on his return to the Philippines

On the struggle of the Filipino

Attorney Roman’s mission since his return to the Philippines has been two-fold: to serve as his sister’s chief legal adviser, as well as to eradicate the hindrances that his countrymen have suffered from for decades. The most prevalent of these hindrances is what the attorney attributes as the common Filipino’s grossly misaligned perceptions towards the legal system. Attorney Roman believes that laws, based on the original purpose of their existence, should exist to serve the entirety of its constituents, including those affected by poverty, oppression, or a lack of education. 

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With this in mind, the attorney took to his new-found goal with a grassroots approach by taking calls from anyone who seeks his advice, and providing much-needed free legal advice to those who sought after it. Seeing that he wanted to make his work more efficient, he found TikTok as a viable opportunity to gain a widespread audience. Since joining the social media giant under the username @tonyromaniii, his account has amassed over 1.5 million followers and tens of millions of views under a grand total of only forty-six videos uploaded. The attorney discusses commonplace topics that many Filipinos struggle with on a daily basis, ranging from how to legally sue for cyber-bullying, to settling simple land disputes, to fixing sensitive family problems such as adoptions and adultery.

The attorney also shared that his recent streak of online activity has helped his duties in serving as his sister’s chief legal advisor in ways he could not imagine. With her sister’s constituents in a messages-reach, the attorney has been able to view the perspective of the regular Filipino that most lawmakers would not have a peak of seeing. This has allowed the attorney to pinpoint the most pressing issues that Representative Geraldine Roman may advocate for in congress.

An open message

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While the simplification of the law is the broader picture behind Attorney Roman’s online pursuits, the more profound nugget of wisdom the attorney wishes to impart for the younger generations—millenials and Gen-Zs alike—is to pursue a calling that not only fulfills the self, but also those who are in need. The attorney proclaims:

“The saying: ‘pursue your passion’ gains a lot of traction. It really resonates with millennials, but I also say: ‘know your skills and talents and go where you will help people, and where you will be needed.’ Hopefully, you can reconcile those two, and that would be the perfect fit for you.”

ATTORNEY TONY ROMAN III’s advice to passion-crazed millenials
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The law can be daunting to those who have never taken the chance to learn its machinations and understand its essence. In Attorney Roman’s perspective, explaining the law to someone who finds it foreign it might require more effort than most tasks. This difficulty is compounded by the fact that the subject of law is not always a sexy or interesting topic. Most times, studying law will not bear any bells or whistles to keep you entertained, and yet this seemingly herculean task of acting as some sort of legal sage seems to be the duty that Attorney Roman finds the most fulfillment and joy with; a selfless act that only gains more significance in the exponential growth of his following. Our best hope is that the people whose minds work the same way as Attorney Roman will find inspiration in the work that he does, and hopefully make headway in emulating it.

Find Attorney Tony Roman III over at his official Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok pages for the latest uploads and updates.

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