Just As Warmer Days Are Upon Us, Chandon Officially Launches In The PH - Wine

The sparkling winemaker is introducing three bottles to the local market.

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Bubbles are not associated with momentous celebrations, it also makes for refreshing glass during warm summer days. And with hotter season upon everyone, sparkling winemaker Chandon decided to enter the Philippine market.

Established in 1959, Chandon was founded in Argentina by Robert-Jean de Vogüé, who was director from 1930 to 1972 of Moët & Chandon Champagne House under the luxury mega brand LVMH. Throughout its history, the brand realized that there was a way to modernize sparkling wine, by exporting its techniques, not just its bottles, to multiple vineyards around the world.

From that first estate in Mendoza, it expanded to vineyards in California and Brazil in 1973, Australia in 1986, and China in 2013. In April 1, 2016, Moët Hennessy unveiled its most recent estate, a 21-acre winery in the Nashik region of India. This network is the largest in the world in the world that produces sparkling wine.

Traditional methods

Not all bubbles are champagne, which is a usual misconception those unfamiliar with wines may have. Strictly speaking, only those made in the French region of Champagne and made using the traditional method and under strict guidelines can be called as such. In the same way, Prosecco are made in Italy, Cava is from Spain, and Sekt is from Germany. Crémant, are bubbles from France outside of the Champagne region.

The LVMH winemaker crafted their own techniques over the years, which they refer to as “methode traditionnelle.” This is the seen in the three bottles the have made available in the country.

Chandon Brut is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, represents the heritage that the winemaker upholds. Meanwhile, Chandon Rosé is a blend of Malbec with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and is marked by its bright pink color and notes of Strawberry, raspberry, and red currant. A blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Chandon Délice has an added layer of flavor with late harvested Semillon and Petit Manseng.

Chandon is available on Boozy.ph, Boozeshop.ph, Clink.ph, and also at your favorite brunch spots all over the metro.

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