Bling Empire's Crazy Rich Asians: How Much Is Their Net Worth?

If you’re still not over your Crazy Rich Asians phase and in need of more in-depth information about the incredible cast of Bling Empire, we did a bit of research, from their net worth to their family fortunes.

We’re sure many of you are just as curious about the cast of the reality Netflix series, Bling Empire. True to its promise, the show delivered in featuring how crazy rich these Asians are. From the extravagant spending to the partying, and even the complex relationships involved, the show did well in keeping viewers glued to the screen. But like you, we wanted a background check on the prominent characters featured in the series. So off we went to the trusty internet and Instagram accounts to find out more about their charmed lives, ranking these crazy rich Asians by their net worth.

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Anna Shay: $600 million

Anna Shay Bling Empire
Anna Shay | Image from

Clearly, the fan-favorite, Anna Shay, is undoubtedly the wealthiest among the series’ diverse cast of characters. Brought up by her parents to never work a day in her life, Anna is the daughter of Edward Shay, an American billionaire (who made a fortune founding Pacific Architects and Engineers, which is involved with selling weapons and defense technology). Her mother, Ai Oizumi Shay, is a Japanese aristocrat—the granddaughter of a Russian Count and ambassador to Japan and China. Anna and her brother Allen sold the family’s shares when their dad died in 1995 for $1.2 billion. Aside from always looking fabulous, Anna works with several charities as her parents both did, such as the Shay Foundation and the George Lopez Foundation.

Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee: $200 million

Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee Bling Empire
Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee | Image from Parade

Cherie and Jessey’s coming in second place isn’t exactly surprising considering the luxurious events the two hosted in the span of the series. Cherie is an heiress of a big denim empire. Jessey owns a high-end furniture business, invests in a variety of industries, and is loaded thanks to a trust fund. Together, they are proprietors of a tequila company. Fun fact: Cherie was formerly signed by Sony Music Japan to be a pop star before moving in with now fiancé Jessey in their sprawling estate in LA.

Christine Chiu and Dr. Gabriel Chiu: $80 million

Dr. Gabriel Chiu and Christine Chiu Bling Empire
Dr. Gabriel Chiu, Baby G, and Christine Chiu | Image from The Sun

The Taiwanese heiress married to a plastic surgeon, Christine Chiu is worth a whopping $80 million (combined with Gabriel’s $50 million). The gorgeous mother of one has known to work with Public Relations and is a well-known philanthropist, involved with around 27 non-profit organizations. A regular at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Milan and Paris, it comes to no surprise that she also enjoys collecting couture pieces (a piece is worth at least $100,000), as she shares with Anna Shay in the show. Dr. Chiu, on the other hand, is the founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging Institute of Regenerative Medicine (Christine is cofounder) and is apparently well-known in the industry globally.

Jamie Xie: $50 million

Jamie Xie Bling Empire
Jamie Xie | Image from Husskie

The aspiring fashion influencer Jamie Xie is the daughter of billionaire and Fortinet (a cybersecurity firm) co-founder Ken Xie (worth $4 billion). Jamie grew up riding horses and even competing against Steve Jobs’ daughter, Eve. She admits she didn’t know much about fashion growing up, but once she got into it, there was no stopping her from immersing in its world—attending fashion shows and buying the most opulent pieces, and even gracing magazines around the world (see below).

Kane Lim: $20 million

Kane Lim Bling Empire
Kane Lim | Image from Voyage LA

The life of the party and the glue that keeps the group together, Kane is one of the more well-loved personalities of the show. But aside from the gossiping and the money-spending, Kane worked hard to earn his slice of the pie. While his Singaporean father is a multi-billionaire who made a fortune in real estate, oil, and shipping, Kane worked his way up—getting a loan from his father at 17 to invest in a business and paying him back in two months, earning his first million at 20 years old, and currently owning an investment firm in LA. He also works hard on himself, quitting smoking, turning vegetarian, and becoming a devout Buddhist.

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Kim Lee: $10 million

Kim Lee Bling Empire
Kim Lee | Image from 8 Days

Introduced by Kane Lim as a successful international DJ, Kylie Jenner lookalike and Vietnamese beauty Kim Lee has worked with many well-received artists such as Kid Cudi,, and Kanye West. But apart from that, the self-made millionaire has also graced covers of fashion glossies worldwide, from Glamour to L’Officiel. She’s been around the reality television circuit, competing in the third season of Amazing Race Vietnam and co-hosting MTV Raps on MTV Asia. She also had a guest appearance in The Hangover Part II.

Kevin Kreider: $10 million

Kevin Kreider Bling Empire
Kevin Kreider | Image from Parade

While Kevin confesses paying only $1,000 a month for rent and sharing a pad with others, it seems like he did downplay his assets, which apparently, amounts to an estimated $10 million (gasp!). The highly successful model starred in a 2019 documentary called The Ugly Model (about the struggles he bears as a model with Asian features). Aside from his work as a model, the Korean hunk is also a life coach and owns an entertainment company called Taejin Entertainment LLC. As it goes, Kevin is not exactly the character with the least amount of net worth, as he is portrayed in the series.

Kelly Mi Li: $5 million

Kelly Mi Li Bling Empire
Kelly Mi Li | Image from Decider

We all rooted for Kelly from beginning to end—to no avail. Still, ever the go-getter, Kelly did what she thought was right for herself and took control of her narrative (which we truly adored!). She was once married to a rich Chinese businessman—Lin Miao, who was involved in one of the largest cyber scams in the history of America and eventually got jailed for it. She is now an entrepreneur and producer (producing the show with Kane) and invests in several businesses while she’s at it.

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