Stanford Graduates are Changing the Multi-Billion Dollar Tobacco Industry

Combustible cigarettes have been around for years and some adult smokers are looking for ways to quit their habits. Yet it is difficult to do so, especially with the addictive effect of the cigarettes. This is why companies have developed alternatives: electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. These devices are making waves in the tobacco industry with its innovative technology. JUUL Labs brought its groundbreaking JUUL device in the country which has the most number of smokers in Asia. They aim to offer a sleek yet functional alternative to those seeking to quit cigarette smoking.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Adam Bowen, President, APAC South Ken Bishop, and Co-founder and Chief Product Officer James Monsees. (Photographs courtesy of JUUL Labs)

Innovation plays an important role

In its recent launch, JUUL Labs explained the company took its name from “jewel” and “joule,” the measure of energy. JUUL Labs President Ken Bishop shares the team markets the device to countries with the most number of smokers. At present, “there are about 16 million smokers in the Philippines,” he says. “Most smokers want to quit… but they find it very difficult to do so.” Challenged by this issue, JUUL Labs developed its device and pods.

Founders Adam Bowen and James Monsees started working on the concepts when they were students at Stanford Design School. In their thesis presentation, James shared they were interested in working on “design for social change.” Like other adult smokers, they are dissatisfied with the social and health impacts of their habit. Hence, cigarette smoking became the issue they want to focus on. In summer 2015, they officially launched the JUUL product, a smokeless nicotine device.

Present game-changers

JUUL Labs partnered with Better For You (BFY) Corporation to bring the e-cigarettes in the country. Each JUUL device and pod contains an e-liquid formula based on nicotine salts. You can opt for a 3% or a 5% nicotine content in your device. It is designed with temperature control that delivers nicotine through an inhaled vapor. It does not heat up while in use or while charging it. Light and easy to use, the sleek device does not have buttons or switches. It is also good to note that JUUL products do not contain carbon monoxide and tar, the main chemicals that cause lung cancer.

Compared to other devices in the market, JUUL device is simple and easy to use. It gives a satisfying experience similar to smoking traditional cigarettes. While e-cigarettes can reduce the risk of lung cancer, it still relies on the extent of “dual use” or using it with traditional cigarettes. However, it can be safer to use in public spaces, especially when it is used as a complete substitute for tobacco products. After all, vape pens do not produce ash or smoke like combustible cigarettes.

Currently, JUUL Labs is also developing a technology that will allow smokers to monitor their usage or consumption. With this innovation in mind, it is possible for e-cigarettes to not simply act as an alternative to conventional smoking. These devices can also pave the way to guiding adult smokers who want to gradually quit their habits.

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