K-Drama Knows Best: ‘Love ft. Marriage and Divorce’ on How To Be Stylish At Every Age - K LIFESTYLE

It involves wearing luxury fashion—lots of it.

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After the successful run of its first season, Love ft. Marriage and Divorce is set to end its second season this coming Friday.

Classified as a makjang drama—one that has an extreme, unrealistic, abnormal, or ridiculous plot—it follows the story of three successful women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who work on a radio show. Their seemingly happy marriages begin to be plagued by twists, turns, and troubles. 

But with characters in different stages of life comes a wardrobe that befits their age, career, and lifestyle.

Here’s how the characters have dressed up so far throughout the series, a lesson on style for every age.

Elegant but youthful

Women in their 30s tend to have more refined clothing choices compared to when they were in their 20s, but they remain interested with playful patterns and silhouettes. The same is true for Boo Hye-ryung (Lee Ga Ryung), a headstrong broadcaster-turned-radio DJ, married to a hotshot lawyer Pan Sa Hyun (Sung Hoon).

Emily D. Bridal Nora white silk dress, price unavailable:

From her wedding photo look to when she starts dealing with her failing, childless-by-choice marriage while showing up for work, she manages to look elegant but never boring.

Alexander McQueen Prince of Wales Spliced Jacket, $2,130; Alexander McQueen Lace Hem Mini Skirt, $1,130:

She opts for fun co-ords for her hosting job.

Lenue Chandelier Bouquet Earrings, $69: 

She also does not forget her statement accessories. She especially loves bejewelled earrings.

Noir Larmes Standard Suede Jacket in Beige, $328:

Sa Hyun, meanwhile, also keeps his style casual yet elevated, when he wears a beige suede jacket in the series’ first few scenes.

Stick to the classics

A 40-something classy radio show producer, Sa Pi Young (Park Joo Mi) often decides what’s best for the team. Style-wise, she also knows exactly what works for her–the ever-reliable classic staples.

She turns to trusted luxury brands for her wardrobe.

Chanel Tweed Coat Dress, price unavailable and Hermes Kelly, $169,999:

On an errand date with her husband, she opts for a tweed coat dress and a pink mini leather bag for a pop of color.

Bulgar B.Zero 1 earrings, $2,790:

While out for a quick coffee run, Pi Young wears a navy coat and finishes off the look with a simple pair of rose gold ceramic earrings.

Chanel Cashmere cardigan in light pink, $4250 and Boucheron Paris Serpent Boheme Stud earring, $5,600:

At the radio station, she sticks to clothes that are work-appropriate but always stylish. She keeps her accessories dainty, too.

Tory Burch Garden Print Shirt Long Dress, $398:

On her days off work, however, she also knows how to dress to relax in a colorful maxi dress.

Be unafraid

While Lee Si Eun (Jeon Soo Kyeong) is central to the storyline as the radio show’s writer, it is her husband, Park Hae Ryun (Jeon No Min) and Shin Yu Shin’s (Kim Tae Gon) stepmother, Kim Dong Min (Kim Bo Yeon) that truly shows how people aged 50 and up can be stylish.

Both are unafraid to experiment with patterns and colors, as seen in a number of scenes. Hae Ryun, for instance, often wears plaid jackets, even for his casual, everyday looks.

Yu Shin, meanwhile, dresses well as a professor by opting for a striped navy coat over a black turtleneck. In this outfit, he visits Dong Min, who wears a colorful chiffon dress with unique neckline details at home.

It’s currently unknown whether a third season is in the works, but avid viewers of the show are already anticipating the conclusion of what has been a dramatic follow-up season so far.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce is available for streaming on Netflix Philippines.

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