5 Filipino Fashion Designers Who Create Exceptional Filipiniana

Filipiniana is uniquely ours. And you know what else? The Filipino designers who are working hard to ensure that Filipiniana remains a part of everyone’s fashion rotation. 

With Independence Day just around the corner, there’s no better way to celebrate than by donning Filipiniana attire and reconnecting with our cultural heritage.

Wearing Filipiniana not only honors our traditions but also showcases the richness of our Filipino culture. Each dress reflects the different styles from our many regions, making it a true cultural symbol.

It’s something uniquely ours. You know what else is uniquely ours? Our Filipino designers, who work hard to keep Filipiniana modern while making sure it stays a key part of our fashion as Filipinos.

Here are five designers who show that Filipiniana will always be in fashion!

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Paul Cabral

For over two decades, Paul Cabral has been a celebrated creative known for his deep appreciation of Philippine textiles, particularly Piña and other unique fabrics native to the Philippines. 

His designs have graced top artists, political leaders, and fashion icons, appearing on numerous red carpets, fashion editorials, and events.

Despite his long-standing presence in the fashion industry, Cabral remains humble and grateful for the opportunities he has received. 

He recently showcased his inaugural fashion show on February 27, marking a new milestone in his illustrious career.

Cabral stands out as one of the designers at the forefront of showcasing Filipiniana in the fashion world. 

In a recent Instagram post, he remarked, “From the early Spanish colonial period to the present times, the Barong Tagalog has stood the test of time and is still proudly donned to this day. The traditional attire, deeply rooted in Filipino heritage, continues to evolve under the sartorial eye of designers, contributing to its lasting splendor.”

Happy Andrada

Happy Andrada’s signature Filipiniana pieces are known for their creative use of traditional fabrics and motifs, combined with modern silhouettes. 

Her clothing brings to life the richness of Filipino culture with its intricate embroidery, bold colors, and innovative designs. 

Andrada has made the terno and the Filipiniana dresses look both modern and traditional. These dresses are so beautiful that you would want to wear them to any event or occasion. 

Recently, Andrada showcased her iridescent modern barong collection at the Savour the Art of Living Fashion Show. These designs are like a love letter to Filipino culture, signed and sealed with style and creativity.

Rajo Laurel

Photo via Instagram @rajolaurel

Rajo Laurel is known for creating designs that emanate glamorous yet natural looks, enhancing the wearer’s body. His approach is bold yet elegant, always aiming to showcase Filipino fashion to the world.

Laurel is also a champion of sustainability. He initiated a project called Re-Edition at the House of Laurel. 

He and his team disassembled and reconstructed pre-existing clothing from previous collections to avoid producing waste products. 

The firm emphasizes well-planned procedures and innovation, believing that excellent design should always be sustainable.

Recently, Laurel posted on his Instagram drawings of his newest collection, stating, “New drops are finished and ready for delivery… Discover new pieces from the Rajo SS24.”

Despite his exposure to the global design perspective, Laurel remains grounded in Filipiniana, showcasing it in a unique way. He is a tremendous inspiration to his fellow Filipinos, especially those aspiring to work in the fashion industry.

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Randolf Clothing

When you hear about Randolf Clothing, you immediately think of Barong. But did you know that he doesn’t just cater to men?

He has a unique way of designing his Terno Barong. The moment you see it, you know it’s from Randolf Clothing. 

He transforms owning a barong into a fashion statement, and his incorporation of colors and designs truly defines modern Barong and Filipiniana. He has truly created uniquely signature designs.

Gabbie Sarenas

Gabbie Sarenas understands the essence of Filipiniana. 

Her designs are the kind that make you take a second or even third look. You know when something is so good that you just want to keep looking at it? That’s what her designs are like. 

The moment your eyes land on them, you can’t help but consider buying them, even if you don’t have a specific occasion for wearing a Filipiniana or a terno. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at these photos.

Banner photo via Instagram @happyandrada.ph.

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