Growing Family Needs? Move In Comfort With This Luxurious Vehicle - Play

A family is all about moving as one, and as our needs continue to grow, the Kia Grand Carnival becomes the luxurious family vehicle to invest in to ensure no one gets left behind.

In a time characterized by isolation and standing still, our family’s needs dictate otherwise. Business is starting to pick up as the hectic nature of work finds the heads of the family in pocket affairs. For the young ones, their home cravings and necessities, along with the built-up urge for new experiences, call for safe and sound transportation. Plus, with the onset of the new year, anticipation for out-of-town trips for a change of scenery or for visiting distant loved ones grows stronger as the months go by.

As the family’s needs start to grow, and as we look forward to cross-city ventures in the near future, owning a spacious yet comfortable vehicle now is a smart decision. Think about it–trips for groceries and home improvements won’t be limited by the capacity of your vehicle, and whatever the future may hold, you’ll be more than ready to get on the road once again. For a family that moves as one, the Kia Grand Carnival is that vehicle to invest in.

Make your every day more special with the Kia Grand Carnival. This isn’t your mom’s minivan, but a family transport that can go business on the weekdays, and leisure on the weekends. With a 2.2 CRDi engine offering a powerful yet fuel-efficient performance, and 441Nm of torque at 1,750-2,750rpm, get both power and efficiency for long and loaded trips.

On the exterior, the vehicle carries luxurious accents that make it a stand-out. Its sleek headlight profile and 18-inch alloy wheels make it a perfect fit alongside other vehicles in your garage. For van newbies, the Grand Carnival’s dimensions don’t make it an intimidating drive as it is a good fit in most spaces, driveways, and lots, all while maintaining a smooth silhouette that isn’t too commanding on the road. 

Opening its automatic sliding doors reveals a comfortable interior, greeted by leather seating. Configurable pilot seats on the top spec 2.2 EX AT 7-seater are perfect for those long out-of-city trips where you can sit back, lay down, and unwind. The 11-seater variant, on the other hand, offers space for more passengers and baggage. Plus, with multiple seat folding variations, you can have a cavernous space for hauling items of all shapes and sizes. Bring home more than just grocery bags next time you go shopping, or deliver those boxes of home goods to your relatives in the province.

For tech, entertainment, and safety, the Kia Grand Carnival is stocked with features. The infotainment console on the EX 7-seater variant assists your drive with visual and audio navigation. Have your kids play their favorite tracks through Bluetooth, Apple Car Play, or Android Auto for a fun family sing-along while cruising on highways. Get a smoother drive with its Electronic Stability Control that automatically controls brake pressure in challenging driving situations like sudden turns, acceleration, and braking. Additionally, with front and rear parking sensors for safety, Hill-start Assist Control for inclines, and a rear view camera for visibility, rest assured that you and your family are safe from harm.

As our family needs continue to grow, invest in a vehicle that gives you the space, luxury, and comfort for our future necessities. The future looks grand, so let your family be the first to make the most out of it.

Learn more about the Kia Grand Carnival by visiting their website.

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