Summer Sessions: K-Pop Songs that Bring the Heat - K LIFESTYLE

Break open a glass of iced rosé and dance along to these K-Pop Summer hits

Hot Summer by f(x)

In 2011, the five-member girl group f(x) released Hot Summer. The song was a success, debuting at number five on its release. At the end of the year, it was the 16th most successful digital song, selling 2,909,384 copies. 

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The music video features the girls dancing on a road with a tank on the road. With its catchy chorus and easily imitated dance moves, Hot Summer is a classic for this beloved group.

Loving U by Sistar

Truthfully, this entire list could have just been Sistar songs. Known as the Queens of Summer, until the group’s disbandment in 2017 every year like clockwork a catchy tune would be heating the charts.

For this article, we’ll focus on Loving U, given that it was shot on location in Hawaii, with hot surfers in the background and the girls having fun under the sun.

Party by Girls Generation

Let us get this out of the way first: Party, a bubblegum pop extravaganza, is not the best in Girls Generation’s oeuvre. It is probably the worst: Gee is only a little bit better due to its importance in the canon of Girls Generation songs (Gee being a monster hit that turned them into The Nation’s Girl Group). Party adds nothing, other than being a commercial hit in Korea, topping the digital chart and the physical album ranking at number 2. But this is not a surprise: it is, after all, Girls Generation.

Perhaps saying it adds nothing to Girls Generation is a misnomer, because it is important for two reasons: one, that it was their first comeback post Jessica’s departure, and that it was a hit was probably a relief for the girls.

Second, the lyrics mention the girls drinking, which was huge, considering SM Entertainment made the group rely on their innocent girl image for far too long. Even if we all knew the girls were always having fun anyway, behind the scenes.

Red Flavor by Red Velvet

Catchy and cheerful, nothing hits in the summer than a dance session to Red Flavor. This dance-pop song replete with synths and percussion, and summer-y references always delivers a fun listen.

Red Flavor became the group’s first number 1 hit on the digital charts and is so iconic they performed it in North Korea in front of Kim Jong-un. This made them only the fifth idol group to have performed in North Korea.

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