8 Personalities Share Their Favorite Filipino Fashion Designers

Filipino fashion designers are truly exceptional, known for their one-of-a-kind styles. We asked eight personalities about their favorite designers, revealing some of the top picks and the reasons behind their popularity.

In the Philippines, we take pride in our exceptional fashion designers. Being a fashion designer entails understanding the desires of your clients. It requires showcasing creativity, confidence, and innovation.

Fashion designers significantly influence the confidence their clients project at events. That’s why, when Lifestyle Asia asked these eight personalities about their favorite Filipino fashion designers and what they admire most about their designs, they didn’t hesitate—they already had their answers.

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Karylle Tatlonghari

Photo courtesy of Karylle Tatlonghari

Karylle Tatlonghari, a Filipino singer and actress, expresses her admiration for several Filipino designers. 

However, in this current phase of her life, with a focus on theater and performances at venues like Intramuros, the Metropolitan Theater, and Samsung Performing Arts Theater, she finds herself particularly drawn to Jor-el Espina’s creations.

“I am super drawn towards Jor-el Espina’s works. I also feel great when fellow artists appreciate his work, I feel his works help me fully feel that I am a Filipino artist.”

Tatlonghari wearing Jor-El Espina/Photo courtesy of Karylle Tatlonghari

She also added, “As a curly girl too, I also love Mich Dulce Millinery. Curly hair is best when coupled with a pretty hat, giant ribbons, and headbands.”

“I love her clothing designs as well. I love her energy and just hanging out with her during fittings which become a whole day hangout. Mich is my fellow Povedan and I feel great when I’m in her creations.”

Kelly Misa-Fernandez

Model, host, and content creator Kelly Misa-Fernandez shared her admiration for her good friend Rosanna Ocampo.

“My favorite Filipino designer is my good friend Rosanna Ocampo. I love how feminine her pieces are—I always feel confident and beautiful while wearing them. Not to mention, her designs stay in my closet for years, even decades! They’re timeless and so well-made.”

Tina Cuevas

Cuevas wearing Puey Quiñones/Photo courtesy of Tina Cuevas

Hotelier and socialite Tina Cuevas expressed her fondness for Puey Quiñones, naming him as her favorite designer. 

She praised Puey and said, “He never fails to amaze me with his avant gard designs. He is my go-to designer for special events and formal dinners.”

Tina also emphasized, “Puey is a  dear friend of mine. Through the years, he knows me very well and knows what fits best. We share the same fashion aesthetic too!”

Anya Lagman 

Lagman in a Puey Quiñones creation/Photo courtesy of Anya Lagman

Like Tina Cuevas, Filipina composer, producer, and pianist Anya Lagman also shares admiration for Puey Quiñones. She considers him one of her favorite Filipino fashion designers.

“What I love most about his designs is his exceptional ability to blend traditional Filipino fashion elements with contemporary couture. This fusion of styles not only makes each piece a captivating conversation starter but also ensures it remains relevant and accessible to an international market,” she said.

As a composer based in LA, Anya finds Quinones’ work deeply resonant, as it embodies the idea of holding onto your roots while staying true to your unique creative expression.

Pia Campos

Talent Manager Pia Campos finds it challenging to choose a favorite among the many talented Filipino designers.

“Personally, I am very comfortable wearing the designs of Vania Romoff. Vania’s creations are usually soft and feminine, even romantic,” she said.

Pia appreciates how Vania’s couture and ready-to-wear clothes suit most female body types. She finds Vania’s designs distinct and always remarkable.

Gay Lao-Chen

Lao-Chen wearing Yong Davalos/Photo courtesy of Gay Lao-Chen

Gay Lao-Chen, the Brand General Manager for Estée Lauder, Clinique, and Origins, currently favors Yong Davalos as her favorite designer.

“I always love his ready-to-wear collection because they are very flattering, and he designs with the various shapes of a woman in mind. I also like how I can find something from his shop for whatever occasion or event I might have.”

Ellen Hari-Ong

Hari-Ong donning a Rajo Laurel/Photo courtesy of Ellen Hari-Ong

Ellen Hari-Ong’s favorite designer is none other than Rajo Laurel.

“I wore [a creation by Rajo Laurel] on my 25th wedding anniversary. Before that, I just told Rajo I want something dainty, not the traditional white or silver. He sourced the fabric in Paris and made just one sketch, and voila! I love it so much. Rajo knows me well.”

Maribeth Cruz

Cruz wearing Happy Andrada/Photo courtesy of Maribeth Cruz

Maribeth Cruz, a renowned jeweler, holds Happy Andrada as one of her favorite designers, a source of Filipino pride.

“Her unique designs are masterpieces, balancing art and creativity. One important too is the fabric that she uses is always comfortable to wear. Being a designer too, we always want to make everything around us look and feel beautiful.”

Banner photo courtesy of Karylle Tatlonghari.

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