Besides Dad, Who Else Has Been Like A Father to You?

Father’s Day honors not just biological fathers but also the guiding father figures in our lives. Three individuals shared their stories about these influential figures.

June is always dedicated to fathers, and this year, Father’s Day falls on the 16th. It’s a time when we reflect on and honor all father figures, regardless of whether they are biological or not.

Father figures play a crucial role in providing support, guidance, and stability. They often serve as our role models, mentors, and teachers, shaping our sense of identity and values.

We spoke with three individuals about the father figures in their lives (aside from their own fathers) who have made a significant impact on them. Their responses were truly heartwarming.

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Maco Custodio

For Maco Custodio, his father Nolimar is a significant father figure. Additionally, he considers his mentors as influential father figures. “I think another significant influence could be my mentors! And these friends can be your patriarchal figures that often play a significant role in your development,” he said.

Custodio highlighted that these close friends provide unbiased opinions, unsolicited advice, and honest feedback. “They later shape your values, beliefs, and behaviors through both interaction and broader experiences within a male, father-like framework,” he added.

Max Garcia

Max Garcia expressed that a father figure can embody strength and inspiration, regardless of gender. “I think a father figure can represent a figure of strength and inspiration, without necessarily being male,” she said. 

She further shared, “The titas in my life have served as role models. In particular, my Tita Sandy is someone I deeply trust and admire. She has been a guiding force in how I navigate life.” 

“My ambition and courage to seize every opportunity have been nurtured by her,” she added.

Sunshine Puey

Chef Sunshine Puey shared that her grandfather, aside from her father, was a significant father figure who greatly impacted her life.

“His pearls of wisdom, like ‘No talk, no mistake’ and ‘The greatest thing you can leave behind is a good name,’ are words that I’ve carried with me to this day,” she said.

“He taught our family about honesty and integrity in life, about enjoying the arts and good food, and even how to have fun, as he loved a good prank or joke. He enjoyed everything from Sabrett hotdog stands and Broadway shows in New York to ice cream shops and all the touristy sites in Europe,” she added.

Puey also mentioned that her grandfather took her on her first museum and cruise trips, and introduced her to lamb and caviar. “He would always sing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ whenever he saw me. I miss him greatly.”

Banner photo courtesy of Sunshine Puey.

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