Society Guests and Their Favorite Art Pieces In The MEGA Ball

These guests are no strangers to the art scene—with their undeniable taste they identified their favorite pieces of the night. 

As the most fashionable night in the Philippines ends, the celebration of fashion and art lives on. Indeed, the MEGA Ball showcased how fashion and art come together. Guests wore their personal and unique renditions of creative formal, complementing the art exhibit. The art and fashion spheres co-existed and paid each other homage, especially last night. 

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Aside from the grandiosity of the event, guests admired the exhibited artworks that adorned the halls of The Peninsula Manila. Lifestyle Asia had the opportunity to interview some guests and ask them about their favorite pieces from the exhibit. The exhibit mainly showcased artworks from emerging artists, further echoing the calls of the underappreciated creative industry. 

Sheila Romero 

Appointed as this year’s MEGA Ball co-chair, Sheila Romero was responsible for choosing the artists in the exhibition and the curation of artworks for the exhibit. Her involvement in the arrangement of this year’s ball allowed her to further immerse herself in the field of arts; thus, singling out one piece as her favorite in the exhibition is difficult. 

The event is already an amazing feat, but Romero describes the artwork as breathtaking. Purchasing two works from each featured artist, she explains that each piece displayed during the ball encapsulates their signature style and spirit. Romero’s participation rectifies her position as a staunch supporter of the arts. Aside from the recently acquired artworks, her collection of Filipino painters solidifies her position in the art world.

Sheila Romero MEGA ball co-chair
Sheila Romero in a Mark Bumgarner dress handpainted by Chelsea Theodossis / Photo by Ed Simon

Verniece Enciso 

Verniece Enciso and her husband, Alf Dichaves, are said to be huge fans of one of the featured artists, Jinggoy Buensuceso. The newlyweds purchased their first home decor from the artist, and are excited to have it grace their abode. “I’m amazed at the work and can’t wait to include the piece in our home,” she shared. 

Buensuceso’s artworks are heavily influenced by his childhood in New York and Singapore. Being exposed to both cities’ architecture and art scenes, the artist creates visual reliefs made of mainly metal, wood, and cement. His artworks reflect himself, his culture, and his way of life through the idea of materializing the push and pull energy—by merging clean lines with organic forms. 

Verniece Enciso MEGA ball 2023
Verniece Enciso in front of a Jinggoy Buensuceso artwork /
Photo by Ed Simon

Robbie Santos

The London-trained designer behind the couture label Septième Rebelle, Robbie Santos, found Chelsea Theodossis’ piece entitled “White Troll Farm” as his favorite artwork of the evening. “I like its color and composition. The textures too,” he explained. Santos is a member of the Leon Art Gallery and holds a vast collection of artworks.

Chelsea Theodossis’ works portray the ordinary extraordinarily well. Furthermore, her ability to use mundane items and turn them into masterpieces stems from her attachment to material things due to her childhood. Though having no formal education in the arts, her passion to create and tell stories through her masterpieces helped her be the successful and well-accoladed artist she is today.

Robbie Santos
Chelsea Theodossis’ “White Troll Farm” / Photo by Pilar Gonzales

Banner photo by Ed Simon.

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