LA Asks: What's the Best Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You?

This May, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, we’ve asked nine individuals to share the best advice their mothers ever gave them. Prepare to be amazed by how a mother’s love can shape a person’s life.

When you search the internet for the most common lines that mothers tell their children, you’ll often find them to be sarcastic or delivered in a threatening tone. This may be because we all grew up with our mothers guiding us toward the right choices. 

Phrases like “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you,” “As long as you’re under my roof, you live by my rules,” or even “Don’t make that face, if the wind changes it’ll stay like that,” are likely familiar. 

But what about the ones that resonate differently, like “When you have kids, you’ll understand,” and “One day you’ll thank me”?

Reflecting on these moments, whether you’re now a parent yourself or simply an adult, is there one piece of advice from your mother that stands out? Something that, whenever you recall her saying “One day you’ll thank me,” you find yourself truly grateful for? 

We reached out to some of Manila’s prominent figures to learn about the best advice their mothers ever gave them — advice that finally made them say, “Thank you, mom!”

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Small Laude

Photo via Instagram @smalllaude

As we come to know Small Laude today, her mother’s words of wisdom, spoken by Elisa Galang Eduardo, have remained steadfast in her heart. 

“Mama always taught us to value family and uphold integrity,” she fondly recalled.

Small attributes her strong sense of family togetherness to her mother’s advice. “Because of her, our sense of family togetherness is still very much enjoyed, maintained, and something we always look forward to. Praying and gathering together makes us stronger and closer.”

Reflecting on a specific moment when her mother’s advice made a difference, Small shares, “From the time I got married and had my own children, her ways and advice were always present. If I needed insight into my family life, she’s the first person I call.”

Photo via Instagram @smalllaude

Indeed, mother knows best. Small’s most valuable lesson from her mom is “Hard work and helping others.”

For Small, this advice has shaped her moral compass. “It has made me put my morals above all else. No matter the circumstance, I choose to always do, say, and be in right standing and good company,” she said.

Photo via Instagram @smalllaude

Kat Holigores

Katrina and her mom Maity/Photo courtesy of Kat Holigores

Kat Holigores, known for her roles in the media and creative industries as a producer, content creator, and equestrienne, first and foremost, cherishes her role as a daughter to her mother, Maity. 

When asked by Lifestyle Asia about the advice from her mom that has stuck with her, Kat offered a simple yet profound response: “That life isn’t black and white.”

Reflecting on how this advice has influenced her, Kat shared, “It has enabled me to be more open-minded about other people and cultures; making me more compassionate and understanding of our differences.”

Kat’s work in production has exposed her to people from various social demographics, a testament to her mother’s guidance. She added, “In the workplace, I can work and hang out with almost anybody and can relate to them.”

For her, the most valuable lesson she learned from her mom is “That everyone is going through their own struggles in their personal lives and we should not be so quick to judge or make assumptions about them.”

“This advice has most definitely made me more independent and empowered to trust my gut and instincts about people around me,” Kat emphasized.

“It has also made me want to travel more and see the world, even as a solo traveler!” she added enthusiastically.

Through her mother’s wisdom, Kat has embraced a richer, more empathetic approach to life, shaping her into the confident, understanding individual she is today.

Giselle Ritualo

Margarita Dizon and Giselle Ritualo/Photo courtesy of Giselle Ritualo

Giselle Ritualo treasures her mother’s advice to prioritize family above all else, a guidance that profoundly influences her decisions and outlook on life.

“It guides me to prioritize my family’s well-being and happiness in my choices and actions. This influence has deepened my involvement and strengthened my bond with my kids. It also helps me teach them the importance of family bonds in shaping their identity and experiences,” Giselle shared.

Emphasizing the importance of family as a foundation, Giselle noted, “It’s the everyday occurrences that illustrate its impact. Whether witnessing the closeness of the kids to us, their openness in sharing about their day, reminiscing about family vacations, or their desire to spend time with us, I see how putting family first has influenced us,” she explained.

Photo courtesy of Giselle Ritualo

This lesson has enabled Giselle to be fully present in her children’s lives. She expressed her wish to impart the same value to them, hoping they carry it with them as they grow older. 

Through prioritizing family, Giselle has found a deeper connection with her children and a sense of fulfillment in her role as a mother.

Kenna Fojas

Jennifer Lowland Fojas and Kenna/Photo courtesy of Kenna Fojas

Kenna Fojas holds onto a valuable piece of advice from her mother, Jennifer Lowland Fojas: “My mom has always told me to never burn a bridge.” Despite its brevity, this advice carries profound meaning for Kenna.

Reflecting on how her mother’s advice has influenced her decisions and outlook on life, Kenna shared an insightful perspective. 

When faced with conflicts in friendships, her initial reaction would be one of anger. However, her mother’s words would echo in her mind, reminding her that those individuals could reenter her life one day, and it would be unwise to sever ties permanently.

“It was hard to believe her then; as I have gotten older I’ve seen dormant friendships become relevant again. I am grateful to have left them in peace. It pays off now,” she said.

Wisdom Passed Down

Recalling a specific moment where her mother’s advice made a big difference, Kenna shared a heartwarming story. 

Despite a falling out with a close friend in fourth grade due to their similar, but conflicting, bold and creative personalities, Kenna chose to heed her mother’s advice and not “burn that bridge.” 

Over 12 years later, they found themselves working in the same industry, supporting each other’s projects and exchanging advice.

Kenna also learned from her mother how to build community wherever she goes. “I’ve learned how to make friends into family and how to keep family close. It has cushioned my life with love.”

For Kenna, the advice that has shaped her into the person she is today is learning how to connect with others. “She has allowed me to be fearless,” she said.

“Because of my mom, I feel liberated to follow my dreams. Wherever my dreams may take me in the world, I know I can make a community there,” she added.

Keith Sacasas

Keith and his mom Katrine Joyce D. Tomita/Photo courtesy of Keith Sacasas

Designer Keith Sacasas reflects on a valuable piece of advice from his mother, Katrine Joyce Tomita: “My success and your father’s success should not make you complacent in life. You should always strive hard on your own. Just like how respect is earned; not given.”

This advice has deeply influenced Keith’s decisions in life, motivating him to work hard and become resilient, especially in challenging situations.

The one piece of advice from Katrine that made a difference in Keith’s life is particularly when he moved into his first atelier. “Initially, I wanted to ask for full support from my parents. However, I decided to challenge myself. Thankfully, I got by with the continuous support of my clients,” Keith shared.

One of the most valuable lessons Keith has learned from his mother is patience. “She always reminded me to pace myself. The right time will always come.”

Keith attributes his current self to his mother’s advice, stating, “It has made me grounded and always yearning for more.” 

Her guidance has shaped him into a motivated and resilient individual, constantly striving for personal and professional growth.

Gabi Di 

Photos courtesy of Gabi Di

When Lifestyle Asia asked Gabi Di about the one piece of advice from her mom, Mary Ann, that always stuck with her, she replied, “My mommy has always said, ‘Be a tourist in your own city.'”

Gabi shared that this advice helps her maintain a fresh perspective in life. “She reminds me that I can always find beautiful things right where I am. I simply take my camera for a walk, or seek out some IG-worthy spots – anything to step out of the daily routine that we’re so absorbed in, so that I could appreciate the little things that actually count.”

Reflecting on a specific moment when her mother’s advice made a difference, Gabi recalled how their family always loved to travel. 

“There were times when circumstances didn’t allow us to travel as often as we wanted to. So, as a remedy, my mom created her own adventures for us to enjoy and make the most out of the opportunities on hand. Instead, we went on road trips, pitched a tent and camped out in our living room, did staycations, made our own local food tours, the list goes on and on… At the end of the day, my mom taught me that sometimes beauty and excitement are right in front of us, and we don’t even pay attention to it; we just have to take a different perspective to be able to see it.”

Through these adventures, Gabi learned the valuable lesson that beauty and excitement can be found in everyday surroundings if we’re willing to look for it. 

“It is a powerful reminder that sometimes the most fulfilling experiences are right in front of us, waiting to be discovered,” she said.

Mom’s Impact

Photo courtesy of Gabi Di

“Her ingenuity and positivity in those moments left a lasting impression on me, shaping my perspective on how to make the most out of any situation and find joy in the present moment,” Gabi emphasized.

Gabi expressed that her mom has shaped her into someone who values independence yet remains grounded. 

“Someone who approaches life with wide eyes and humility. For me, her most valuable lesson is to keep exploring, keep learning, and always stay curious.”

Roxanne Farillas

Roxanne Farillas, a Mompreneur, always keeps in mind her mom, Lydia Ang’s advice of dedicating time for family amidst the busy schedule.

“This is a very valuable advice from mom. Although on a lighter note, my mom always reminds me to always take care of your skin because it has numerous benefits and can really help to improve self-esteem,” Roxanne said.

Family time has taught Roxanne a lot about maintaining work-life balance. “I always remind my team that even though we work hard, we must also know how to enjoy ourselves.”

Spending time with her family allows Roxanne to gain perspectives from her partner and kids, which has been beneficial in understanding the business and current trends.

“It also gives me fulfillment that we are able to bond and share our experiences while also learning from each other,” she said.

When asked how her mom’s advice has shaped her into the person she is today, she said, “I believe that family time has been an essential contributor to my success as I was able to have emotional support, perspective, and motivation to always strive for excellence.”

Nicole Ortega

Nicole Ortega treasures a piece of advice from her mom, Maripi: “You can’t control what people do, say, or think. Also, try not to judge people lest you be judged.”

Through this advice, Nicole has become more aware and open-minded about where people’s actions come from. “It has made me more empathetic and inclusive as well,” she said.

Maripi’s advice has made a profound difference in Nicole’s life. The most valuable thing she learned from her mom is “To pray unceasingly. Surrendering all to God and having total dependence on Him,” she said.

Maripi’s advice has deeply influenced Nicole’s life. It has shaped her into the person she is today. It has also given her the valuable bonus of having razor-sharp discernment.

Nicole realizes that the guidance shaped her character and enriched her life in profound ways. It is a testament to the impact of a mother’s words. As well as the deep bond shared between a mother and her child.

Justine Letargo

Justine Letargo reflects on her mother Emma’s advice, emphasizing the importance of keeping personal matters private.

She recalls her mother’s counsel about not “washing dirty linen in public.” This highlights the wisdom in handling issues privately rather than exposing them to public scrutiny, especially in today’s digital age.

For Justine, her mom’s guidance has been invaluable. Justine shares, “My mom’s nuggets of wisdom and advice on various issues from the private to my professional life (stay humble! – is another piece of advice), has helped me become self-aware and grounded.” 

This experience has also shaped how she and her husband emphasize the importance of education to their sons, considering it a legacy worth leaving.

Justine admires her mother’s work ethic and integrity, her mother’s diligence and perseverance have been rewarding. 

Reflecting on her upbringing, Justine attributes much of her drive and ambition to her mother, who excelled in academics and a career in accounting and public service. 

“My mom’s guidance, wisdom and overall parenting style I think has molded me into the kind of person that I am,” she says. 

Justine acknowledges her evolving understanding of her mother’s approach to life and her belief in the power of prayer. 

Her mother’s guidance and parenting style have played a significant role in molding her character and ambition.

A Mother’s Words

In our daily lives, we forge our own paths and write our own stories. However, we should never forget the person who gave us the tools—a pen and notebook—to start, our mothers. 

They chose to love us even before we were born, and they continue to love us throughout our entire lives. 

This month of May, let’s celebrate all mothers and the unconditional love they are always willing to give. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Banner photo via Instagram @smalllaude.

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