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Landco Pacific is establishing itself as the master architect of the Philippines’ grandest leisure escapes

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Since open houses have yet to become advisable in the midst of this prolonged pandemic, we went ahead and paid a visit to one of Landco’s premier development sites to give you a glimpse behind the walls of the 31-year old luxury real estate developer. From its pioneer beginnings, up to the vast mural of a vision that the company foresees for the future of its industry, we’re bringing you the freshest insights from the developer that’s producing the ripest investment and lifestyle opportunities in the realm of leisure and luxury.

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“I want your foreign friend to find a Landco development in every great destination in the country.”

Landco Pacific CEO Erick Manzano on Landco’s vision

This is the dream that Landco CEO Erickson Manzano envisions for his company 50 years down the line, as we chatted in the Crusoe Cabins of Calatagan South Beach (CaSoBe); a breathtaking 15-hectare development site that will eventually hold lavish hotels, sprawling residential-commercial lots, and colorful, cocoon-shaped glam hostels, all in one beachfront. Before they can lay claim to this lofty goal however, Manzano himself maintains that the company must remain hunkered down and grounded in ensuring each and every one of their developments will surpass the benchmark that his pioneer predecessors have set, while incorporating fresher takes on luxury real estate that befit the sensibilities of today’s generation of investors.

The finest details

The eyes of most developers are usually concentrated towards the bigger picture. Landco manages to gain a propensity you won’t find anywhere else in the industry, as the company manages to balance its focus towards both its holistic ambitions, as well as the grittiest nooks and crannies of each of its developments; down from choosing the color of its pavements, right to the type of driftwood they want plastered across the walls of CaSoBe’s quaint, rustic-looking Crusoe Cabins. 

Photo by Kieran Punay of Studio100

This penchant for minutia is even reflected in the way the company aims to market its two up-and-coming ventures, Calatagan South Beach (CaSoBe) and Club Laiya, in a way that no other company has conceived prior. When asked what his favorite development was, Manzano looked no further and crowned CaSoBe as his go-to spot. He reiterates however that this choice was primarily down to preference; as the company made sure to distinguish each of its developments to have a unique personality that would befit its inhabitants. The CEO explained that CaSoBe really owns its relaxing serenity in comparison to the upbeat sensibilities of Landco’s second beach development: Club Laiya. Manzano gestures that while CaSoBe has the calm sensibilities of a Nora Jones, Club Laiya manages to sound the Swedish House Mafia; an analogy we can’t deny to be factual.

Beyond the experience, Landco also makes certain that its estates will not be built above frail foundations. The company does this by making extensive use of only cutting-edge engineering systems for their development’s infrastructures. Such attention for necessity can be found from the Wi-Fi coverage encompassing all corners of the 15-hectare property, down to the sewer systems that Landco’s engineers have designed for decades of full occupancy.

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Your lifestyle, in construction

Photo by Kieran Punay of Studio100

The attention for design and the passion for turning mundane elements into artistic expressions has made Landco stand out a little more from the rest of the real estate industry. What sets them completely apart however, is their ability for empathy towards a dynamic market that they themselves were able to invent, 25 years ago. In giving us the proverbial tip of the iceberg, Manzano alluded that while Punta Fuego caught the eyes of a generation that liked to keep to themselves, he had to shift the ship’s sails towards the taste of a new generation; one which prefers community over exclusivity. 

Against the grain

Photo by Kieran Punay of Studio100

Landco is not interested in just selling you just any mere parcel of land. They are offering their investors a lifestyle centered on freedom, self-actualization and tranquility. These are things that may only be felt once you see the sea touch the sky in your first trip to a Landco beach, or when you hammer the first nail in the construction of your dream house by the sea. In reality, what can one really seek in life other than that?

It started out nagkwekwentuhan [lang] kami as a team and we liked [what came from our brainstorming.] Kumbaga, we think it’s cool, let’s do it. The 100 percent sure way to failure is trying to please everyone. So [we’re putting] our heart out there, and thankfully gusto rin ng market. If you love it, thank you very much. if you don’t love it, thank you pa rin. Ganun lang talaga, ‘di ba?

Landco Pacific CEO Erick Manzano on how Landco’s ideas came to fruition

This preference for free-flowing authenticity is what Landco is all about, and they are not apologizing for it. The people of Landco are truly dauntless both in their ideas and the way they conduct business. If the vision they project tingles your nerves for excitement the same way we felt it, Landco invites you to join in on the fun.

Photo by Kieran Punay of Studio100

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For more information about Calatagan South Beach and Club Laiya, you may pay a visit to Landco’s official website here, or you may follow the company’s Facebook pages for the latest updates.

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