Celebrating The Life And Creations Of Eleanor Coppola

The late Eleanor Coppola brought her cinematic vision to life, which inspired evocative stories that remain cherished at present.

Eleanor Coppola made a name for herself in the realm of cinematic artistry and cultural influence. Her impact in the industry had a reverberating touch due to her inspirational, relatable, and authentic way of storytelling. The world might have lost her when she passed away on April 12, but her remarkable masterpieces immortalized her undeniable talent as a director, author, and documentarian. 

The renowned luminary passed on surrounded by her family and friends. Here is a reflective journey through her life and career.

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Renowned projects of Coppola

Coppola directed cinematic gems like the film documentary of her husband, Francis Ford Coppola. She, along with their three children, went to the Philippines to film behind-the-scenes footage in her other half’s movie, Apocalypse Now. Her documentary, Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse (1991), talked about the former film’s script and problems revolving around budget, shooting, and casting.

Eleanor Coppola created a documentary for her husband, Francis Ford’s film, “Apocalypse Now,” released in 1979.

One of her recent projects include Paris Can Wait (2016). The movie depicts a successful movie producer’s wife taking a car trip from southern France to Paris with one of her husband’s associates.

Coppola directed “Paris Can Wait” when she was 80, which starred Diane Lane and Alec Baldwin.

She was the brain behind Love Is Love Is Love (2020), which explores love, commitment, and loyalty between couples and friends. 

“Love Is Love Is Love” stars Joanne Whalley, Chris Messina, Rosanna Arquette, Kathy Baker, and Marshall Bell, among others.

She authored books like “Notes on a Life,” “Notes: On the Making of ‘Apocalypse Now’,” and “Paris Can Wait.”

61 years of marriage

NBC News mentioned in a report that Coppola discussed her husband had a period of unfaithfulness during their marriage. She said there was a part of her that waited for him to leave. They remained together despite the fact and continued to seek creative outlets like films, books, and a memoir. 

The report added the female director was supposed to only do the screenplay of “Paris Can Wait.” However, her husband said she should direct it. “I was kind of saying ‘why not’ to everything,” she said. 

Coppola accompanied her husband on many of his shooting schedules according to CNN. They spent the rest of their lives together for 61 years until the notable director’s death earlier this month.

She revealed that they married quickly when she found out she was pregnant. “It was the cheapest, fastest way to marry at the time,” she said in an Instagram post. “Francis was very excited and wanted to start a family. I was nauseous, scared, and in love.”

“The love of my life,” Francis Ford Coppola wrote in a post
“The love of my life,” Francis Ford Coppola wrote in a post/Photo via Instagram @francisfordcoppola

They had three children together. Sofia and Roman ended up in the same industry as their parents, while their sibling Gian-Carlo died in a speedboat accident in 1986. 

A creative until the very end

CNN added that she completed a book shortly after her death. She said she appreciates how her life has directed her in many extraordinary ways. “[It has] taken me in a multitude of directions beyond my wildest imagination.” 

She died in Rutherford, California, and had her loving family with her as she passed. Her director-husband and daughter paid tribute to her days after her death.

Sofia said her mom taught her so much about beauty, art, and how to be real and strong in her own way.

Banner photo via Instagram @sofiacoppola.

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