Lessons on Leadership: Quotes About Unity, Drive, Reform from Emmanuel Macron, Who Just Won Re-election - The Scene

The young French president beat Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s run-off.

Since taking the top spot in France in 2017, Emmanuel Macron has been known as an effective and powerful leader, with a deft mix of confidence, flourish, and charm.

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He used these gifts particularly in the final stretch of his tense and closely contested re-election bid, and edged out his rival Marine Le Pen in yesterday’s run-off.

Macron, who represented the more progressive and economically liberal La République En Marche, took 58.55 percent of the votes. Le Pen, meanwhile, took 41.45 percent. While the incumbent took the win, his opponent and her right wing National Rally resonated with voters.

The 44-year-old, however, promised that he will be a “president for each and every one” of his citizenry, and the he will examine and address the problem that pushed others to vote against him.

Here are more powerful quotes from Macron on leadership and serving the country. And one might hope that, with our own elections coming up in two weeks, whoever wins might be as eloquent and (seemingly) pure of heart.

On taking up the challenge

“When politics is no longer a mission but a profession, politicians become more self-serving than public servants.”

“I push reforms. I tell the truth to people, even when it’s tough for the country.”

“We can’t fix the real problems if we only cauterize and don’t treat the roots of evil.”

“I have a vision of my country, and I cannot sit and watch things pass by.”

On inspiring his people to be better

“We need people who dream impossible things, who maybe fail, sometimes succeed, but in any case who have that ambition.”

“You have to learn to fight for things, to bear the burden and have a life which does not in any way correspond to other peoples’ lives.”

“Never boo or hiss at my rallies. That is for people with no hope.”

On the need to unite

“I will fight with all my power against the divisions that undermine us and which are tearing us apart.”

“My responsibility will be to unite all the women and men ready to take on the tremendous challenges which are waiting for us, and to act.”

“I want to unite our people and our country. I will serve you with humility and force in the name of liberte, egalite, fraternite.”

On knowing the world is watching

“We’re not isolated from the world. The world knocks on our door.”

“We need people who dream impossible things, who maybe fail, sometimes succeed, but in any case who have that ambition.”

“I come all wreathed in a reputation the press has made for me. Judge me on my actions. That’s all that counts.”

Banner Photo from @emmanuelmacron on IG

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