Let There Be Light at the Peninsula Manila -

The Gallery of The Peninsula Manila was filled to the brim with art aficionados who came to view a panorama of artworks reflecting a contemplative odyssey, a discovery of insights through cathartic experience, and evolvement of the soul by Marivic Rufino. The exhibit of peaceful meditative, dreamy paintings of nature and light-evoked deja vu images of the future and past memories is entitled Luminescence, her 18th Solo Exhibit in which she experimented with mixed media on glass and canvas to include new elements in her 35 piece collection. Mav worked on some unfinished works that she started in the late 80’s and mid 90’s, which she finally completed in time for her show. What made the occasion more special was the collaboration of Mav with National Artist Virgilio S. Almario whose poems were translated by poet Marne Kilates to complement the artworks. Proceeds of the exhibit will benefit the Child Protection Network Foundation a cause very dear to Mav.

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