5 Sophisticated And Powerful Items To Enhance Your Work Space

Create a clutter-free, sleek, and powerful work space with these luxurious items that’ll help you increase your productivity with ease. 

The pandemic saw a boom in “productivity set-up” content as many people were trying to find ways to enhance their spaces for remote work arrangements. Though the pandemic has finally waned and many companies are returning to onsite operations, this doesn’t mean that personal offices or work areas are any less important. In fact, having a proper place to do tasks or brainstorming at home is crucial for most people, regardless of their field. Whether one is a business owner or creative professional, a personal work space is an irreplaceable companion in one’s journey to success. 

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If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your current desk setup or creating a new one, below five must-haves for a streamlined, robust, and visually-appealing professional space: 

Stance’s Executive Glass Tabletop Single Motor Standing Desk 

A desk is the foundation of every work space, so it’s integral to choose one that’s both ergonomic, functional, and of course, beautiful. It has to be one that inspires its user to chip away at ideas and get some work done. Stance’s Executive Glass Tabletop Single Motor Standing Desk can provide just that for those seeking a refined yet versatile tabletop for their most important tasks. 

Stance’s Executive Glass Tabletop Single Motor Standing Desk
Stance’s Executive Glass Tabletop Single Motor Standing Desk/Photo from the Stance Philippines website

The desk sports a fresh, contemporary design and a spacious 120.2 x 60.2-centimeter glass tabletop that’s easy to clean. It’s also an ideal blank canvas for professionals of all kinds with its simple black color scheme. Users can adjust the standing desk to a height of 72 to 121 centimeters, ensuring that they’re always at a comfortable working position. Four memory save slots allow them to instantly adjust the desk to their preferred heights with the push of a button. 

The desk comes with convenient USB charging ports and four memory slots for a user’s custom height settings
The desk comes with convenient USB charging ports and four memory slots for a user’s custom height settings/Photos from the Stance website

Users can also keep things neat and organized with the desk’s built-in drawer, and three USB charging ports provide a convenient way to power up gadgets within reach.

Oxford Office Armchair by Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre 

A good desk isn’t complete without an equally fantastic chair, which is where the Oxford Office Armchair by Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre comes in. It’s got a classic, almost vintage look to it that exudes power and affluence thanks to its quilted backrest. The chair makes for a comfortable addition to one’s work space with its plush Pelle Frau® leather material and multiple reclining settings. The President and Executive versions of the chair are gas spring height adjustable and fully rotating. 

Users can also choose models with bases that feature a finish of either American black walnut in a medium walnut stain or aluminum in a black epoxy or chrome finish. The walnut finish looks particularly distinguished, lending a more traditional appearance to the chair. Regardless of which option one chooses, the chair comes in an assortment of neutral colors that are sure to match any desk setup.  

The chair fits both traditional and contemporary spaces with its classic design and neutral color selections
The chair fits both traditional and contemporary spaces with its classic design and neutral color selections/Photo from the FURNitalia website

Nordlux’s Nobu Table Lamp  

Most people need to read materials or use their gadgets for work, yet without proper lighting, they could run the risk of eyestrain—which could, in turn, lead to other problems like migraines. Good lighting is also necessary for those in the creative field, as it helps them view their works in optimal conditions. 

Nordlux’s Nobu Table Lamp is a great desk companion thanks to its elegant, minimalist design and intuitive features. It comes in black and gray color schemes, which looks classy and will pair perfectly with Stance’s standing desk. Its 9-watt fixed LED and incandescent 2700K bulb with 600 Lumens guarantees a bright yet pleasing light for a variety of tasks. It also comes with a flexible arm and lamphead, giving a user full control of where to shine the light source. 

Speaking of control, users can easily switch on and dim the lamp with the lamp head’s built-in touch function. What’s more, Nobu comes with different base options so one can choose how they want to position it in their work space. These include a table base, clamp, and wall bracket for ultimate adaptability. 

Apple’s iMac with M3 Chip

No desk space is complete without a powerful computer to help users zoom through their work calls, document writing, creative endeavors, and other tasks. Gone are the days of clunky desktops with CPUs that take up a lot of space and antiquated hardware designs. Apple’s newest line of iMac computers contain everything one needs in a single, visually-appealing and highly-customizable package, creating a roomy work space that gets the job done. 

The latest iMac model comes with a super-powered M3 chip; 8-core CPU; 8-Core and 10-Core GPU options; 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB of SSD storage; and the choice of 8GB, 16GB, or 24GB unified memory. This results in a workhorse machine that can handle multiple tasks and complex applications in a snap. A 24-inch 4.5K Retina display presents vivid, crisp visuals, making the iMac every creative’s companion. One can also enhance the look of their space, as the computers come in a wide assortment of lovely, soft schemes. 

The iMac is a powerful and sleek desk companion for any task
The iMac is a powerful and sleek desk companion for any task/Photo from the Apple website

Getting the right desktop ensemble is also a simple process, as Apple offers a full iMac package complete with a matching Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Magic Mouse. 

ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C

Notebooks and reading materials are many professionals’ best friends, but it can be hard to carry them all around and arrange them on a desk. Hard copy books and notebooks tend to take up a lot of space in one’s work area, and can create unnecessary clutter. A neat and organized desk can help its user maintain a clear head, and also ensures that everything is in its proper place for a streamlined workflow. 

This is where a portable tablet like the ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C comes in handy. It’s not an average handheld gadget: it’s E-ink based, which means it provides the closest experience to real paper that users can get. The slim, portable gadget allows users to take notes and sketches, as well as read documents through a 10.3-inch anti-glare screen with full color support on top of its black and white modes. 

Its fast refresh rate and highly-responsive stylus means that there’s no delay between the ideas in a user’s mind and writing it all down on paper. An 8-core processor and 4GB of RAM keep things snappy, and microSD support enables users to add storage of up to 2TB. E-ink displays also use up far less power, which means users will always have their materials within reach when they need them. 

Banner photo by Nikolay via Unsplash.

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