Why Getting A Color Analysis Consultation Has Benefits

Ingrid Nieto-Pagulayan says that a color analysis consultation determines colors that complement one’s skin tone, eye color, and hair color.

Have you ever stopped and wondered what clothes to wear for today? Did you know that wearing clothes with colors that flatter you will enhance your overall appearance and boost your confidence? Maybe you should consider getting a color analysis consultation. 

A color analysis consultation offers people the opportunity to discover colors that complement their skin tone, eye color, and hair color. This could include anything or everything you use, from clothes, makeup, hair, and jewelry. Trained professionals like color experts or stylists conduct the session as they have knowledge on color nuances and their impact on appearance. 

Lifestyle Asia had the opportunity to talk with Ingrid Nieto-Pagulayan, a certified image and color consultant. She discussed the benefits, importance, and effects of color analysis consultations on individuals.

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What is a color analysis consultation?

Ingrid is also the Vice President of Communications and Marketing at the Association of Image Consultants International – Philippines Chapter (AICI). She got her certification in 2019, under the tutelage of Asia’s first certified image master, Christina Ong, in Singapore. 

The expert said a color analysis consultation helps clients find their unique mix of colors. “This is in terms of color, temperature, undertones, color intensity, color value, and how all of that comes into play for their physical appearance,” she said. 

Ingrid said she connects her client’s lifestyle, personality, and what they do for work during her consultations. “This makes it easier for them to shop and select hues for their clothing, makeup, [and] even if they want to change their hair color.”

Ingrid Nieto-Pagulayan conducts color analysis consultations by appointment
Ingrid Nieto-Pagulayan conducts color analysis consultations by appointment/Photo from Ingrid Nieto-Pagulayan

Ingrid is one of many image consultants who are practicing color analysis. She said experts from the AICI are trained for color analysis and specialize in it. They also have fashion designer members who also do color consulting. 

The color analysis process

Ingrid starts with TIV – temperature, intensity, and the color value. However, in her practice she learned to look at a person’s dominant color qualities. She said each of us will have warm or cooler tones but there will always be a dominant color quality. 

“I’ll take it from there and go through the color tools. After that I’ll advise people on how to work colors, and what to wear on a certain occasion.”

A typical one-on-one color analysis consultation typically takes an hour. Clients can opt for a color and body analysis session that takes an hour and a half up to two hours.

The session comes with the consultation proper, a detailed color app with 150 of a person’s best colors. It also has sample prints, makeup colors, jewelry, color direction information, in-app color coordination, and best hair colors.

Interested patrons should come without makeup or products that can alter their skin tone and colored contact lenses. 

Wear colors that resonate with you

Ingrid pointed out a color analysis consultation would determine colors that resonate or harmonize with one’s features. Using unflattering hues will have implications on one’s physical appearance. 

She explained, “There are some colors that will either wash you out and don’t really enhance your natural beauty. Some could be too strong, heavy, harsh, or too bright or intense.” 

The image expert claims you’d know the colors aren’t the right one for you if you notice them more than the person. 

Tools Ingrid uses for a color analysis consultation
Tools Ingrid uses for a color analysis consultation/Photo from Ingrid Nieto-Pagulayan

A fulfilling experience

Ingrid said doing color analysis became one of her fulfilling experiences as she helps clients discover their best colors. Doing what she does benefits her clients not only style-wise, but also aids their career in unexpected ways. Colors communicate their personalities and the right ones would help her clients’ audience take them seriously. 

“I’ve had clients with front-facing or leadership positions,” she narrated. “So I have to find the balance where I collate their best colors because I want them to stand out in a good way.”

Ingrid provided a guide on the benefits of getting a color analysis consultation.

Ingrid further expressed having a consultation is a good investment. She knows how it feels to always want to look good at work, events, or any function. 

“You don’t want to keep wasting your money, resources, and your time shopping. Sometimes clothes look okay in the store but when you get home, it looks different. A color consultation is something you get for yourself. It’s an investment. It is practical because it also teaches you to shop smarter and more mindfully.”

You can reach Ingrid through her Instagram or Facebook accounts if you are interested in booking a session.

Banner photo from Ingrid Nieto-Pagulayan.

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