4 Women Share Their Bond And The Beauty Of Female Friendship

Sharing life with friends will always be fun and meaningful. In the second installment of our sisterhood stories, Anna, Vicki, Riana, and Nisha discussed how they support each other as parents, the roles they play in each other’s lives, travel adventures, and the foundation of their friendship.

In your 20s and 30s, you often chat with friends about the future, dreaming of staying close forever. 

You imagine your kids going to school together and living in nearby houses. It sounds like something out of a dream, right?

For Anna Rufino, Vicki Delgado, Riana Mirpuri, and Nisha Lalwani, this dream is their reality.

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Dream Friendship

(L-R) Vicki Delgado, Nisha Lalwani, Anna Rufino, and Riana Mirpuri

When Lifestyle Asia asked these four friends about their close bond, Anna shared, “Riana’s husband Mahesh and my husband were best friends in college. Naturally, after we got married, we became couple friends, and our families grew close.”

She added with excitement, “Vicki’s husband and my husband are second cousins. We became very close when we were pregnant with our youngest children. Since then, we’ve only gotten closer.”

Anna then handed the story over to Nisha, who said, “Riana and I have known each other socially for many years. Our youngest and eldest children were born the same year. Riana introduced me to an art class in Forbes, which turned out to be at Vicki’s house. My eldest has been going there since she was two.”

Nisha continued, “A few years later, my eldest and Vicki’s youngest ended up in the same class at school.”

It felt like a scene from a movie where familiar faces keep reappearing, leading to lasting friendships.

Anna concluded by saying that her youngest joined the same class as Nisha and Vicki’s kids, bringing all their families together through their children.

Exploring the Soul of India

During the shoot, the friends kept talking about their trip to India. When we asked what inspired the trip, Vicki shared, “I always wanted to go to India. It was on my bucket list, but I had never been. They all had.”

She continued, “I wanted to make it happen, so I asked Anna, ‘Can we go?’ and she said, ‘Yes, let’s go with Riana and Nisha!’”

Vicki explained that at first, many people wanted to join the India trip. “We started with a big group, but as we got closer to the date, everyone got busy. It came down to five, but then one person got hurt, so it ended up being just the four of us.”

Vicki Delgado

Vicki said she always wanted to visit India because of its rich culture. “I wanted to go with the girls.” They all laughed as Anna added, “It’s a different experience. I’ve been with my husband, and he enjoyed it, but with us girls, we gravitate towards the same interests. We aligned on the itinerary and hotels.”

Vicki added, “The trip brought us closer than ever.” Nisha agreed, “We had separate friendships before, but this trip brought the four of us together.” Riana chimed in, “We got to know each other better.”

They mentioned they switched roommates spontaneously, which helped them bond even more.

Anna said the trip was amazing, and they shared everything with their husbands. Vicki added, “While we were in India, our husbands spent time together too. I just wish we had more time.”

They said they stayed at the hotel and never left for dinner. Riana concluded, “We got even closer by hanging out together in the room. That was the best part.”

It’s A Girl Thing

Nisha shared that one of their most memorable moments in India was visiting the Taj Mahal. “It was a whole day affair. We got ready together, and since our hotel was just five minutes away by buggy, it was so convenient,” she said.

Nisha Lalwani

“The tour guide was wonderful, very knowledgeable and kind. We even hired a photographer at the Taj Mahal to capture our day,” Nisha added.

Riana chimed in, “It was so nice, we were doing each other’s hair.” Anna added, “We shared products, like ‘try this, try that.’ Sometimes I’d borrow Riana’s jacket.”

“It felt like we were young again,” Vicki said.

When Vicki returned from the trip, her daughter commented, “I think you learned so much about beauty on your trip.” The four friends laughed as Vicki continued, “My daughter even said, ‘You learned how to do your hair on the trip.’”

Do It All Together

Anna, Vicki, Riana, and Nisha love traveling together, and their children are friends too. When asked about their favorite activities or hobbies, Anna said, “When we get together, we forget to take photos. It’s the best kind of gathering because we’re just in the moment.”

Anna Rufino

Anna added, “Nisha always brings truffle popcorn from home, and we just munch and chat for hours without realizing it.”

Vicki shared, “It’s usually spontaneous. I’ll say, ‘Who wants to come over for happy hour?’”

Anna recalled a time when it was Vicki’s daughter’s birthday with eight little girls. Vicki called, saying, “I need help,” and everyone just came over.

Who’s Who

In every group of friends, there’s always one who sleeps the most and takes forever to get ready. For these four women, Vicki and Anna revealed that Nisha is the one who sleeps the most.

Vicki mentioned, “I don’t think anyone shops the most; I think we’re all the same.” Anna jokingly pointed at Vicki, calling her “the enabler,” explaining that Vicki always encourages them to buy things when they shop.

Riana is the hairstylist of the group, while Anna, a dermatologist, jokingly said, “I’m the group’s doctor. I carry a whole pharmacy with me.”

“It’s a really easygoing friendship,” Nisha said. Riana added, “No formalities at all” All four agreed, nodding and laughing.

Riana Mirpuri

They fondly recalled their trip to India, with Nisha reflecting, “It could have gone wrong, but everything just went right.”

Pondering the Past

When asked for advice for friends planning a group trip, Anna said, “You’ll never know unless you take one. So do it already.” She added, “You’ll never know if you gel well together unless you try.”

On defining true wealth and luxury, Nisha said, “Freedom. Freedom of mind, freedom of time.”

Vicki agreed, “I was going to say time.” Anna added, “Just time to do the things you want to do.” Vicki continued, “At your own pace. We always feel like we’re in a rush.”

(Standing) Anna Rufino, Nisha Lalwani / (Seated) Vicki Delgado, and Riana Mirpuri

Riana shared, “Being away. Spending time together because everybody’s busy with their own things. Just being away with the people closest to you is the best part for me.”

Anna noted that they all have different friend groups, but this group is the most accessible. “You call them, they live near you. It’s so easy.”

Nisha added, “Our kids are in the same grade, same school, proximity to each other. Our interests are mostly aligned. It makes for a very easy group.”

Riana recalled a time in Korea when she had lunch with Vicki’s mom, despite never meeting or conversing with her before. “It’s so nice. I felt so connected.”

Foundation of Friendship 

(L-R) Anna Rufino, Vicki Delgado, Nisha Lalwani, and Riana Mirpuri

For these four women, friendship is built on trust, support, and sharing. Despite their busy lives with families, kids, and other friends, they always prioritize each other. Every time they’re together, they not only deepen their bond but also discover more about themselves.

Having a friendship that becomes a part of your life is truly precious, just like Anna, Vicki, Riana, and Nisha’s unexpected connection. Their friendship is always just a call away, a type of bond we all long for.

Whether they’re abroad styling each other’s hair or lending basil for a kid’s project, these four ladies exemplify how true friendship should be—effortless. They show us that genuine friendship, like theirs, should feel as natural as can be.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, where we’ll delve into the adventures and unbreakable bonds of another group of friends.


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