Folds, Prints, And Layers In The World Of Rajo Laurel

Pleats and prints shine on the fabric canvas in a visual ode to the diverse layers that define Rajo Laurel’s legacy. 

When we talk about love, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

For Rajo Laurel, a famous designer with more than two decades of experience and global recognition, you don’t need him to answer. 

His love for design is evident in every piece he crafts. Not just a designer but also an entrepreneur, his company is renowned for creating stylish, romantic, and globally-inspired pieces. 

His signature style blends modern and feminine elements, creating a perfect harmony of strength and softness.

Hardin S/S 2024

For Rajo, it’s all about the passion for his craft. Each creation is like a unique masterpiece, featuring fresh, natural, and delightful elements meant to be appreciated as pieces of art. 

Rajo’s designs stand out for their meticulous craftsmanship, incorporating special details like embroidery, beadwork, and hand-painted prints.

Bodi top & skirt, House of Laurel, Hardin SS2024
Bodi top & skirt, House of Laurel, Hardin SS2024

Timeless Colors in Celebration

Rajo Laurel’s designs go beyond eras, bringing together classic pieces from the 2000s and his latest collection. 

Red halter jersey gown w/ tulle details
Red rings cover up
Metrowear Icon Fashion Show 2013

A burst of colors celebrates life’s vibrant moments in the collection. It stands as a testament to the enduring quality of his creations, with each piece telling a story of the past and a promise for the future.

Consider elegance presented in a straightforward way through different textures. Rajo’s collection reflects his journey in the industry by skillfully layering textures and colors. 

“Tuguegarao Gown,” Archipelago Red Charity Gala Show 2018, The Molave Top House of Laurel Volver Holiday 2024

Pleats and prints take the spotlight, creating a visual harmony that pays homage to the diverse layers of experience and creativity defining Rajo Laurel’s legacy.

Juliette Hoschka proudly showcases Rajo Laurel’s enchanting pieces. Each click of the camera captures a woman radiating self-love and a zest for life, qualities effortlessly conveyed by Rajo Laurel’s creations. The photos exude a confident energy, portraying the model as a captivating figure emanating positivity and joy.

Corales 1
Archipelago Red Charity Gala Show 2018
The Molave Top, House of Laurel Volver Holiday 2024
Shellie Gown House of Laurel Hardin SS2024

Love’s Emblem

Much like the tradition of gifting flowers during the month of love, Rajo Laurel’s pieces also embody symbols of love and joy.

The vibrancy of the designs echoes Rajo’s deep love for his craft. The spectrum of colors further emphasizes this passion. Additionally, the richness of textures serves as another testament to his dedication and appreciation for the art.

The Molave Top
House of Laurel, Volver Holiday 2024;
The Ixia Dress, The Vindu Top, The Ixia Skirt,
House of Laurel, Hardin SS2024

Rajo Laurel’s creations go beyond mere fashion; they’re a celebration of love for creativity and timeless beauty that transcends eras. Through vibrant colors, elegant textures, and meticulous craftsmanship, Laurel’s creations resonate with a universal language of strength and positivity.

As we admire the fusion of time and fabric symphony in his designs, it becomes clear that each piece is not just an article of clothing—it’s a work of art.

Corales 1
Archipelago Red Charity Gala Show 2018
The Molave Top House of Laurel Volver Holiday 2024
Shellie Gown House of Laurel Hardin SS2024
Kahili Gown,
House of Laurel, Hardin SS2024;
Ixia Brooch, House of Laurel, Hardin SS2024


Text Kim Luna

Photo Alexis Co Assisted by Lorenzo Corro

Art Direction Marc Yellow

Creative Direction Paolo Torio

Sittings Editor Candy Dizon

Stylist Roko Arceo

Make-up Lei Ponce Assisted by Jopay Quiron

Hair Jaaron Go

Model Juliette Hoschka of IM Agency

Shoot Coordination Mae Talaid

Shot on location MEGA Studio

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