Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes with Kevin Kwan at Los Angeles

For this month’s edition, Lifestyle Asia flew to Los Angeles to interview and shoot Kevin Kwan. The initial flight took off from Hong Kong where most of the screens showed Kevin’s groundbreaking work, Crazy Rich Asians. Apart from its compelling dialogue and charming characters, the book (and film) elevated what some works elude or misrepresent in the conversation: diversity and Asian representation. When Lifestyle Asia interviewed Kevin about his take on being called an ‘influencer,’ the team drew in several insights from the powerful man. Throughout the shoot, the famed writer remained hopeful for the advent of change in the dialogue especially with Asians now visible than ever, the heroes and heroines of stories.

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Black blazer, FRANCIS LIBIRAN, white button-down, and black leather slip-ons, TOD’s.

True power and influence

Lifestyle Asia’s October issue is all about power which may be confused with influence. As introduced in the notes of Editor-in-Chief Dong Ronquillo from the magazine, power drives one’s current wealth and position. On the other hand, influence is about inspiring and encourage people to make a positive impact. The team chose Kevin Kwan to grace the cover as he is an arbiter of culture. He shifted the spotlight on Asian culture and narrative. Through his book, he told the story of contemporary Asians in a different light, far from the racial stereotypes. This displays the power of his influence that continues to inspire people to do similar in their own ways.

The team photographed Kevin amidst brick walls and wooden floors. The rustic visuals created an illustrious and enigmatic ambiance. To complete the image, Kevin donned on bold colors. He wore a crimson checkered trench coat by Avel Bacudio. The famed writer also comfortably lounged on an old-fashioned leather couch. He dressed in Francis Libiran’s black blazer and a white button-down and leather slip-ons by TOD’s. The rest of the apparel seems to reflect a dominant and intimidating image of power. Yet the insightful conversations with the Crazy Rich Asians author and his energy brought light energy into the room.

Red checkered trench coat, AVEL BACUDIO.

The Power issue

The rest of Lifestyle Asia’s latest issue features equally powerful people like multi-awarded news veteran Korina Sanchez-Roxas, and the dynamic Metro Manila mayors Isko Moreno and Francis Zamora. They talk about the value of authenticity in influence and about toppling a five-decade dynasty in his city for Francis.

Lastly, we have gone global with features on influential people across Southeast Asia. Patrick Grove from Malaysia, CEO of the Catcha Group, Ronald Akili from Indonesia, CEO of Potato Head, and Suvita Chansrichavala, from Thailand, the driving force behind Jaspal. All this and more on Lifestyle Asia October 2019 edition.

PhotographyRAEN BADUA
Fashion DirectionSUKI SALVADOR
Shoot DirectionANGELA JACOB
Shot on location at LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

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