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Lifestyle Asia, the #1 luxury magazine in the Philippines, is proud to present the 10 millennial power awardees of 2018. This group of exemplary young individuals use their knowledge, work, and clout to change the world for the better. Whether it is promoting education, opening a game changing business, or protecting the country’s coral reef ecosystems, these millennials are model human beings that we’re proud to be recognizing for their hard work.

Brian Poe Llamanzares

Brian Poe Llamanzares Lifestyle Asia Power Gala

Brian Poe Llamanzares just finished his master’s degree at Columbia University in New York. While living in the Big Apple, he continuously ran several of his businesses from across seas, which includes Time Master Watches and a craft beer delivery company. Before graduation, Brian worked as a research intern for NASA’s Disaster Applications Team, where he analyzed global flash flood conditions. Their projects entail indexing, defining, and communicating flash flood risk to disaster management units around the world. Now back in the Philippines, Brian looks forward to making all his businesses grow with his newly attained knowledge from studying abroad. “At this point in my life I really enjoy being an entrepreneur. There’s just something different about finding opportunities and capitalizing on them. I like looking at the world as being full of possibilities,” he shared.

Eric Dee

Eric Dee Lifestyle Asia Power Gala

Eric grew up in the food and beverage industry, working during the summers in the family’s Foodee restaurant business as early as 13 years old. He is constantly developing food concepts and looking to offer new flavors and experiences to the dining public. “Creating innovation gets me going,” he says.  Eric shares that being with the family on their holidays in Los Angeles is always the best time. “We have five dinners daily.” Some of the restaurants under the Foodee Global Concepts company includes Todd English, Tim Ho Wan, Mesa, and Kam’s Roast. 

Henry Motte Munoz

Henry Motte Munoz Lifestyle Asia Power Gala

Young CEO Henry Motte Munoz launched Edukasyon.PH in 2015. The website is dedicated to helping students find suitable schools and courses, acting as an online source to educate young people on the multiple options available to them. Henry’s dream of a better world would be one where “every student can get a quality, relevant and affordable education that prepares them for employment.” He vows to contribute to that by dedicating himself to his company and his cause. For his efforts, Henry was included in the Asia Society’s Class of 2015 Asia 21 Young Leaders. Though he is often awarded with accolades and notices by international groups, the young man remains kind and humble, using his distinctions as a way to spread his advocacy.

James Roman

James Roman Lifestyle Asia Power Gala

James Roman has an impressive resume. He started off his 20s by establishing a company that made homes for disaster struck individuals at Tacloban and Iloilo. “It can withstand any type of disaster,” he shared about the brick domes he and his friends built by hand. He followed it up with the prestigious Chevening Scholarship in a London, a program that selects outstanding students from all over the world. There, he studied issues like poverty, inequality in third world countries, and international development. Working in the United Nations or UNICEF is part of his future plans.

Mark Bumgarner

Mark Bumgarner Lifestyle Asia Power Gala

Rising designer Mark Bumgarner is redefining the fashion world. His interpretations of classic feminine looks have captured the attention of many local and international socialites, fashionistas and celebrities, making him one of the most sought-after names in the business. The young man established his fashion house in 2014. His creations are marked by their feminine silhouettes and extreme attention to detail.

Mond Gutierrez

Mond Gutierrez Lifestyle Asia Power Gala

Last year, Mond Gutierrez decided that it was time for a lifestyle change. “I just wasn’t happy with what I allowed myself to be. I loved fashion, but I couldn’t wear half of the things I wanted. I just wanted to live life more full. I said to myself, 2017 would be my year,” he recalled. His dramatic transformation and self-love project was watched by many, including his friends who cheered him on. Now extremely fit and experiencing a revitalized career on the rise, Mond explains that he wants to continue spreading good vibes and fitness tips through his social media feed and future projects. “I [want] to show people that it was a real lifestyle change and not just a three-month thing that I did and then would stop. Till this day, people message me that they’re inspired by what I did. My feed is all about positivity now.” 

Neelam Gopwani
Women Empowerment

When one thinks of the word Girl Boss, Neelam Gopwani comes to mind. The young woman is the assistant vice president in marketing and business development of Eye Society, the family business that carries exclusive collections and niche brands of luxury eyewear. A graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, with a B.B.A. in Finance, management and entrepreneurship, Neelam spent time working in London before coming home and taking her rightful place in the family-owned enterprise. Neelam isn’t only redefining retail with her bright ideas in marketing, but she is also a hardworking woman to look up to.

Paj Rodriguez

Paj Rodriguez for Lifestyle Asia (Photography by Hub Pacheco)

Paj Rodriguez spent his youth being compared to Tony Stark. The young man runs the operations of the family business, Asian Aerospace, which gives clients access to their private fleet of 27 plans and helicopters, waiting to fly them off to any part of the world. As the company’s EVP, he manages operations and deals with organizational requirements, all while making sure that each and every Asian Aerospace client is completely happy with their services. The self-proclaimed workaholic plays tennis whenever he has free time. However, he still finds himself drawn to the office even on the weekends. “I get bothered when I’m too relaxed,” he laughs. His is the kind of dedication that contributes to the company’s success.

Paula Plaza
Philippine Youth

Paula Plaza Lifestyle Asia Power Gala

Paula Plaza lives to empower the youth. Recently, she handled marketing for the first Forward Pilipinas conference called “Daring Ideas for Our New World,” a platform created and organized by millennials who dare to dream and be the change they want to see in the world. The Lifestyle Asia 2018 Game Changer did it as a passion project, joining the organization in hopes to inspire the Philippine youth and challenge their minds. It was successful event, which was attended by hundreds of young people. Paula is also a lawyer at the prestigious Angara Abello Concepcion Regala & Cruz Law Offices (ACCRALAW).

Vanessa Vergara

Vanessa Vergara Lifestyle Asia Power Gala

Graduating from De La Salle University with a B.S in Marketing Management, Vanessa made her name in MAC Cosmetics in the Estee Lauder Group of Companies, starting as an intern and making her way up to Public Relations & Artist Relations Executive. She switched gears and became involved in ocean conservancy, returning to her childhood wish to become a Marine Biologist. Working with the charity Reef Check Philippines, Vanessa believes that you don’t have to be in the sea to support the reefs. The organization aims to help preserve and protect Philippine coral reefs and their ecosystems through awareness activities like eco drives and other projects.


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