Hubert Guerrand-Hermès Collection To Be Auctioned In December

Hubert Guerrand-Hermès amassed a collection consisting of a multitude of interests in art, French furniture, antiquaries, and more. Sotheby’s lists his collection in four different auctions.

Hubert Guerrand-Hermès accumulated an exceptional assortment of things from rare books, art, and furniture. His collection consists of about 1,000 works of art that’s housed in the Hôtel de Lannion in the heart of Paris.

Sotheby’s enlisted his collection of remarkable masterpieces and finely crafted furniture for auction in December. The auction event will be held from December 13 to 19 and is made up of four different auctions. 

The auction website posted the event on October 23 and titled it Sotheby’s Presents: Collection Hubert Guerrand-Hermès

Sotheby’s posted on Instagram as well adding Hermès was a member of the famous luxury goods family. He became a familiar sight in the auction houses and antiquaries of Paris and was also a keen sportsman. He spent his entire life collecting items of value and opulence.

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The four auctions are: Collection Hubert Guerrand-Hermès Vente du Soir, Hôtel de Lannion, Duchess of Berry, and the Online auction.

The late Hubert Guerrand-Hermès
The late Hubert Guerrand-Hermès/Photo via Geneanet’s website

Hubert Guerrand-Hermès Vente du Soir, an interplay of different time periods

The auction kicks off with an evening event called Vente du Soir. It pays tribute to Hermès’ taste for the interplay between different time periods. 

Sotheby’s said that Vente du Soir will be showcasing the works of Pierre Soulages, Lucio Fontana, Anselm Kiefer, and Yves Klein. A pair of sculpted monkeys by François-Xavier Lalanne and a Louis XV chest-of-drawers by Cressent accompany the collection.

The auction event showcases abstraction and sculpture as shown in Hôtel de Lannion’s basement. Paintings from Alexandre-François Desportes, Hubert Robert, Alfred de Dreux, and Honoré Fragonard are featured in the event. Their works showed Hermès’ enthusiasm for history and hunting. This event is scheduled on December 13.

The Hôtel de Lannion event highlights the Ancien Régime

Hôtel de Lannion became the Parisian home of the Hubert Guerrand-Hermès collection. The event named after the establishment highlighted the architecture and opulence of the Ancien Régime as per Sotheby’s. 

The mansion showcases a traditional Parisian townhouse plan which architect Jean Damun built in 1754. 

Hôtel de Lannion
Hôtel de Lannion/Photo via Sotheby’s website

Hermès called a decorator named François-Joseph Graff when he acquired the space. Graff put in a large collection of 18th century decorative arts, post war painting, sculptures, and a touch of the concept of hunting. The website posted that the event is on December 14.

Hubert Guerrand-Hermès collected possessions from Duchess of Berry

Marie-Caroline de Bourbon-Sicile or Duchess of Berry was an icon of the 19th century. Hermès showed passion about the duchess as she was a free and unconventional woman during her time. 

The Duchess of Berry encouraged many painters during her time and built a first rate library alongside purchasing items at the salons. Sotheby’s said that the duchess’ commissioned book bindings made her library one of the most admired.

Hubert Guerrand-Hermès recreated Duchess of Berry’s library through his collection
Hubert Guerrand-Hermès recreated Duchess of Berry’s library through his collection/Photo via Instagram @sothebys and @sothebysdesign

Hermès collected works that once belonged to de Berry over the years at the Duchess of Berry auction event. Items like porcelain and books made it into his acquisitions as he tried to recreate the library in Hôtel de Lannion. This event goes live on December 15.

The final online auction event will commence on December 11 and will end on December 18. It includes works of art from the 16th to the 20th century.

Hermès lived his life wholeheartedly as he formed an assortment of his passions. Sotheby’s referred to him as a patron of the arts as he developed tastes for both major and emerging artists.

Sotheby’s France’s president Mario Tavella said that it is rare to find a collector with equal love for classic arts, old Masters, French furniture, and contemporary outputs from celebrated artists. 

Banner photo via Sotheby’s Realty’s website.

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