Lights and Lenses: See the World Clearly Through Intelligent Colored Glasses

A pair of glasses can transform your look easily, whether it’s a pair of specs or tinted lenses. The right prescription eyewear can make you look polished and sophisticated while a stylish pair of sunglasses can add flair and glam. The problem is it’s impractical to bring two kinds of glasses. Now, you can switch your look effortlessly with just a single pair of glasses. Go from slick and professional to cool and casual the next with Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™.

Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses takes eye care to a whole new level. Their intelligent lenses respond to the light around you. They turn dark when there are high levels of UV rays and change back to clear indoors. With this simple change in color, your eyes are 100% protected from the sun’s UV rays. These lenses also block out the harmful blue light emitted by screens and the sun. Now you don’t have to worry about sitting in front of your computer all day long or staying out in the sunlight for long periods of time.

No need to compromise style when caring for your eyesight. Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses offers a wide range of colors that the lenses can change to when exposed to the sun’s rays. Choose from their iconic shades: Grey, Brown, and Graphite Green. For those with bolder tastes, their Transitions Style Colors collection offer shades of Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Amber that can also get the job done while complementing your sense of fashion.

By adapting to your surroundings, the lenses adjust smoothly to the fast-paced and dynamic lives of people today. So whether you’re finishing your next project on your device or simply enjoying the outdoors, the lenses protect your eyes, reduce eye fatigue and strain, and keep you looking stylish all throughout.

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