Keep Your Living Spaces Safe With These Professional Disinfection Services

Protect your families, employees, and clients with these disinfection services.

Nearly a year into the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, we remain dependent on strict protocols to keep safe. From practicing social distancing to wearing face masks and personal protective equipment, hygiene is at its most crucial. It is also necessary to sanitize our homes and offices, but these days call for intensive cleaning. Thankfully, there are professional services that offer disinfecting, pest control, and humidifying of spaces. Beyond basic cleaning, these services target airborne viruses, especially in enclosed rooms so you can be assured you are safe and comfortable in your living spaces.

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There are two intensive disinfection services you can select from Rentokil. Precautionary Disinfection, as its name suggests, is cleaning while there is no suspected or confirmed disease-causing bacteria and viruses. The service instantly kills microorganisms that may lead to widespread damage or cross-infection. Specialist Disinfection is what you should opt for if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case. Wiping of high-touch surfaces and misting obscures the activation of the Sars-CoV-2. Apart from these two, Rentokil disinfects the vehicle and frontliners as well, making sure everyone remains safe from contact with the virus.

For booking inquiries, contact (02) 8333-5888 or visit their website.

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Barchem Trading and Pestcon

While their headquarters are based in Parañaque, Barchem offers services in Metro Manila and even different provinces. Apart from disinfecting, pest control is their main service. From targeting flies, termites, mosquitoes, to rats, they are your go-to licensed pest exterminator. Barchem not only disinfects homes but establishments like offices and restaurants as well. It is also good to note their Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved disinfectants don’t have an acrid smell. Spaces like enclosed rooms remain clean without any lingering scents.

For booking inquiries, visit their Instagram page.

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Disinfectus PH

As a state-of-the-art commercial disinfection solution company, they use Electrostatic Disinfection Technology. It ensures sanitizers and disinfectants coat all types of surfaces, assuring furniture, walls, and every crevice are clean. They use iBrea MicroSilver BG Disinfectant Spray with pure silver, which is alcohol-free and guarantees 10-day protection from bacteria and viruses. Whether residential or commercial spaces, Disinfectus provides long-lasting sanitation. 

For booking inquiries, contact 0927-4317310 or visit their Instagram page.

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J.P. Marzan Project Ventures, Inc.

They may be known for their stellar logistic services, but the firm also released a new sustainable disinfection system using mist. They use Japan-imported Marella Water in their devices, an electrolyzed hypochlorous acid made of pure salt and water. With its natural components, it proves to be safe for both humans and animals. You can select between a Micro-Mist System that covers 150 square meters of surface and a Nano-Mist System featuring a back spraying device that targets specific, hard-to-reach areas. The services can be availed in Metro Manila, Batangas, Laguna, and Cavite.

For booking inquiries, visit their website.

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Miramax Cleaners

Apart from general cleaning, Miramax steams furniture to kill bacteria, and germs and mists spaces to eliminate viruses. Among their effective disinfectants include Zoono, an all-purpose spray that protects high touch point areas for 30 days. Miramax also has a newborn package that includes intensive disinfection of strollers, cribs, mattresses, and car seats. With their thorough cleaning, you can be assured your spaces, even your cars, will remain protected.

For booking inquiries, visit their Instagram page.

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