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If there’s one thing women want more than anything in the world, it’s the ability to not age a single day.

For the local beauty and wellness brand Pili Ani, discovering the elixir to eternal youth was an achievement that deserved to be celebrated and shared. 

Achieve the age-defying skin you’ve been dreaming of with a bottle of the Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate

Pili Ani has let us in on their new secret to staying ageless: their new product, Ageless Concentrate. As the leading name for sustainable, vegan, and all-natural skincare products, Pili Ani has invited individuals who are renowned in the beauty world to be the first to experience their latest breakthrough product, and pave the way to an enhanced beauty regimen.

Rosalina Tan, Tessa Prieto-Valdez, Mary Jane Ong

“We are not just launching a new beauty product tonight,” said Pili Ani CEO, Mary Jane Tan-Ong. “We are also marking the start of a journey where, finally, the Philippines can make its mark in the international stage as a player in the beauty industry.”

Myrza Sison, Bianca Salonga, G3 San Diego, Mary Jane Ong, Marella Ricketts, Justin Convento, Trina Epilepsia-Boutain, Peewee Reyes-Isidro
The Ritual Kit gave guests a warm welcome into the natural touch of beauty

Each guest was gifted with a charming box, aptly called “The Ritual Kit,” which bore the words “Touched by nature, untouched by time.” Inside was a rose quartz roller, an aromatic candle, and a bottle of the Ageless Concentrate–the ultimate starter pack to a new beauty and wellness routine. 

The all-natural and all-loving Ageless Concentrate by Pili Ani

The Ageless Concentrate consists of two essential oils, pili oil and elemi oil. The pili oil is extracted from thousands of pili fruit and is rich in vitamins A and E, while the elemi oil is extracted from the bark of the pili tree and contains powerful anti-aging properties to make the skin firmer and tighter-looking. 

“When we came up with this product, we did not just want to address concerns of a mature market, we also wanted a product that younger individuals could use as prevention for aging skin,” clarified Mary Jane. 

For more information, visit Pili Ani’s website, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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