Filipino Designer Brands To Check Out This 2024

The Philippine fashion industry is growing and flourishing and these brands are a testament to the greatness of the sector.

Last year was a great year for Filipino fashion. From local designers having fashion shows in Malacañang to different Filipino celebrities being present at Paris Fashion Week—Philippine fashion is growing. The visibility of the fashion industry increased because of names like Heart Evangelista, Michael Cinco, and other Filipino fashion creatives proudly bannering the Philippine flag. 

Since we’re on the topic of Filipino fashion, 2024 is the perfect time to invest and get to know Filipino fashion designers and their brands. Moreover, supporting local brands helps build the local industry. Contributing to the growth of the local fashion scene by wearing local designers and brands uplifts Filipino creatives. Aside from enabling local creatives, you can explore your style and fashion sense by supporting local designers. 

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Idyllic Summers 

Idyllic Summers is a resort-wear brand that uplifts Filipino and indigenous artisans through partnerships. The brand is perfect for those looking for feminine and relaxed clothes that still uphold a dignified grace image. Moreover, Idyllic Summers usually creates pieces that vary in design—mainly by creating wonderful textures through local and indigenous weaves and fabrics. 

Flora Piña/ Photo via Instagram @idyllicsummers

Maligaya Clothing Co. 

Chill, casual, and chic are three adjectives that best describe Maligaya Clothing Co. The brand embraces the local cultural heritage through the embroidery that they are best known for. Furthermore, each garment from the brand is made with eco-friendly practices—showing the brand’s dedication to sustainability.

The Cuban Collared Shirt, Bagani/ Photo via Instagram @maligayaclothingco

Patton Studios 

Patton Studios is your go-to local brand for your basics and loungewear needs. From knit cardigans to body suits, each garment from the brand is created with the intention of re-wearing and sustainability. Moreover, Patton Studios gives importance to the form and patterns of their clothes, which means that the garment construction is top-tier.

Patton Studios basics/ Photo via Instagram @patton_studio

Dona Lim 

A champion for slow fashion, Dona Lim is a brand you should check out. Timeless and chic, the design identity of the brand leans heavily on femininity and romance. Moreover, their collections usually consist of fluid and loose silhouettes—perfect for a woman ready to conquer her day.

Donna Lim November 2023 collection/ Photo courtesy of Dona Lim


The brand is owned by Rita Nazareno, an Emmy Award-winning Television Creative Services Producer. Zacarias 1925 specializes in hand-woven accessories made from a specific and exclusive workshop. Furthermore, they offer an array of designs that would match any outfit you have.

Be Bag/ Photo via Zacarias 1925 website

Banner photo by Agatha Romero.

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