Long-Awaited: Lewis Hamilton And Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 Movie

The highly-anticipated F1 movie will star Brad Pitt and will be produced by seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton together with Apple TV is producing a Formula 1 movie starring Brad Pitt which will be directed by Top Gun: Maverick director, Joseph Kosinski. The movie has led fans to speculate about the title. 

Lewis Hamilton And Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 Movie

Photo via Twitter @FOS

The film is set to be titled Apex and the anticipation for the film is a lot, especially with the casting, “We’ve got a really great and diverse cast,” said seven-time champion and producer Hamilton. 

Lewis Hamilton And Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 Movie
Photo via Instagram @lewishamilton 

The racing community uses the term Apex to identify the point where the car goes closest to the inside point of a corner to generate maximum pace. 

During the past year, Pitt has been spotted regularly in the F1 paddock and has been seen several times in the F1 team’s garages due to his involvement with the film. 

Previous reports claim that Pitt will be driving a real F1 race car, on actual race weekends may have been a bit overstated. According to reports, Pitt will be driving a Formula 2 car and not a Formula 1 car as previously reported. 

Formula 2 cars are a bit slower than Formula 1, but still difficult to drive. The car has reportedly been designed by Mercedes. 

Stakeholders are hopeful that this movie will replicate the success of the Netflix documentary Drive to Survive.

Lewis Hamilton And Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 Movie
Photo via Twitter @FastestPitStop

The film crew will edit the Formula 2 car to make it look like a Formula 1 car during post-production and the scenes in the movie will be a mixture of Brad Pitt driving the car and footage from the actual 2023 season of the Formula 1. 

Actor Damson Idris is said to play as Hamilton. The movie should feature Hamilton’s struggles as he started his career in racing as the only black driver on the grid. 

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“For me, it’s to make sure it’s authentic, and that all of you and racing fans see its authenticity and say, ‘This is believable,’ and have a view of the racing from a different perspective than you might see on TV,” said Hamilton.

Although the team has not determined the release date of the film, there is certainly a lot of anticipation for the project, especially amongst F1 fans. 

Banner photo via Wikimedia Commons. 

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