Look Dashing On Your Summer Travels With These Tropical Pieces

Summer is all about having fun and going on adventures. This is why it is essential to look your elegant best in your travels. May it be casual strolls along the boulevards of Spain, parties at the resorts in Mykonos, or shopping at the marketplaces of Morocco, wearing vibrant pieces add to your fun summer vibes. To help complete your style ensemble, Rustan’s introduced LOTUS, their first resort wear. Other luxury brands also released their latest outfits for this season.

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LOTUS black top with woven red floral design and tassels.

For the stylish and nature-loving woman

LOTUS adapted nature motifs. The designer, Pia Regala-Hebron, shares her inspiration for the resort wear. She said, “This first collection is inspired by the ocean, sun, and sky with color combinations and pattern play that exude tropical or warm-weather vibes.” These are pieces like fluid dresses, beach kaftans, and breezy sarongs. Its prints are in vibrant hues that echo the tropical season. Pair off these outfits with accessories made with woven rope materials and footwear. You can wear these pieces not only during day trips but also for strolls along the beach at night.

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LOTUS abstract white and blue jump suit.

Made for the toasty weather

Apart from LOTUS, Rustan’s also released a wide array of tropical outfits from different luxury brands. Light fabrics and materials make up each elegant piece that reflects a classic taste. These are colorful dresses, jumpsuits with wild patterns, and bags in contemporary style and hues.

Scroll below to see more of LOTUS resort wear and other Rustan’s brands’ latest collection…

LOTUS bright orange and white with nature motif dresses.
LOTUS olive green and bright orange sandals.
Josie Natori Radiant Texture Stretch Jacket White and Natori Aurora Romper.
Danse Lente Mini Johnny in Toffee and Sawdust; and Danse Lente Mini Phoebe in Black and Ginger.
Swarovski Sunshine Bracelet, White, Rhodium plating; and Swarovski Sunshine Pendant, Yellow, Rhodium plating.
Ricardo Preto Petunia dress in Samanta print and Germanium pants in Samanta print; and Pedro del Hierro Asymmetrical Tunic and Floral Jacquard Trousers.
Sergio Rossi sr1 Ballerina in Bright Skin; and Sergio Rossi sr1 Mule.

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