LOOK: These Elegant Christmas Trees Prove Holiday Cheer is in the Air

From trees glimmering with gold lights to embellishments in bright red, the Christmas trees of these influential people bring out the festive feelings this season

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For her Christmas tree this year, Grace Baja opted to decorate it with a combination of sparkling orange balls and bronze ornaments. It proves to be a refreshing sight, straying from the reds and greens of this season’s hues.


While Rocio Olbes may have only teased us with a part of her tree, we can still feel the Christmas cheer from the focus on the ornament wrapped in checked fabric. This post certainly had us amplifying our excitement for the 25th.


Though the snow is heavy outside, there is warmth inside the house of Keri and Francis Zamora. Glimmering lights cover their Christmas tree amidst the contrast of red and green embellishments. A further glance also suggests the presence of children as seen with the endearing Santa Claus-themed decor.


The lovely spouses Pinky Tobiano and Juancho Robles adorned their tree with a mix of reds and golds. Anyone seeing the tree would marvel at the complex and detailed decoration. Yet it only seemingly reflects the fullness of love and enthusiasm for the holidays.

While Sofia Borromeo‘s daughter Manunibelle is capturing hearts in this lovely photo, the family’s Christmas tree is something to gaze at as well. Apart from Christmas ornaments, they adorned the tree with their favorite family photos. This turns the tree into something personal and special for them.

Stenie Coyiuto proudly posts a photo of her family’s Christmas tree filled with her favorite flowers like peonies. She knew it had to be special, as, with everyone else, Christmas is her favorite time of the year.

Dressed from head to toe with notice-me-red, the Andanars with Keli Teo pose in front of their majestic Christmas tree. The richness of the green color certainly stands out when contrasted with the decor in other colors. It only proves to be the perfect backdrop for this charming photo.

It is difficult not to notice the splendor of Rachelle Sayed and husband Alex’s Christmas tree. With huge bows, drooping gold ornaments, and enormous balls, the tree certainly reflects the joy of the season.

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