Elevate Your After-Shower Style With These Designer Bathrobes

The epitome of style and comfort, these robes are perfect for lounging in luxury.

After a long shower, dressing up is sometimes a drag. There are days when we want to lounge around our house, fresh off a bath, and chill. Definitely, taking a moment to appreciate the stillness and slowness of a day adds to the relaxing flow of your energy. And what’s the best ensemble for lounging around the house? A luxurious bathrobe. 

Designer bathrobes are made for the utmost comfort of the user. There are different materials and styles to choose from—from a comfortable warm towel hugging you to a luxurious grand-dame-esque silhouette. These bathrobes will surely elevate your style while lounging around.

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La Perla 

Feel ultra-feminine with this chic bathrobe. The classic long robe silhouette combined with the soft silk equates to a superb feeling of comfort. The robe features a soft collar, waist belt, side pockets, and subtle topstitching detail to finish the hem and cuffs—making it a chic piece.

Powder pink silk long robe/ Photo via La Perla website


A brand known for its Baroque print, Versace made sure to level up your after-bath experience with a grandiose robe. It is a soft terry-toweling bathrobe made of 100% cotton. The bathrobe features a belt that has the famous loud print and a contrasting solid color Versace logo monogram. 

I ♡ BAROQUE Bathrobe/ Photo via Versace website


An understated masterpiece, the Missoni bathrobe is a wearable piece of art. Sporting different patterns and lines in different colors, the abstract design is an amazing sight to look at. Additionally, the bathrobes are also made of 100% cotton, making them warm and comfortable.

Photo via Missoni website

Gilda and Pearl

This robe is perfect for lounging around with a glass of wine on-hand. The Gilda and Pearl Esmè Long Robe is luxury at its finest. Made with delicate silk and ethically sourced light feathers, the long robe is glamorous in every way.

Photo via Gilda and Pearl website

Banner photo via Versace website.

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