Love On The Slopes: How A Ski Trip Led To This Couple’s Forever - Weddings

Carla Almazora and Justin Schwarz’s love story began during a winter trip on the slopes.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s May 2023 Issue. 

Carla Almazora was a vision in white. Her effervescence was on full display on her wedding day as she lit up the room with her dazzling smile. She and her husband, Justin Schwarz, are based in Tokyo and have been civilly married for a year at this point.

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With a pandemic raging all over the world and not knowing when things can finally go back to normal–or at least normal enough for a wedding–Carla and Justin decided to make it official. “I can say that getting civilly married in Japan was also quite the experience,” Carla said with a laugh. “We filled in our paperwork in the same booth as the birth and death certificates!”

On the 24th of March this year, Carla and Justin finally got their chance to get married before God, surrounded by their family and friends. The day was filled with so many wonderful moments, but Carla’s favorite was finally tying the knot in the church.

Carla described her wedding day as a blur, but in the best way possible. With the help of her family, especially her sister and mother, the day was everything she had ever hoped for. “It was the wedding I had always dreamed of,” she said.


The couple’s love story started on a winter trip on the slopes. Carla and a friend were thinking of taking snowboarding seriously so they signed up for a club trip package which brought travelers of the same interests together. 

Justin, a fantastic skier, ended up in the same room as Carla’s friend, and they had dinner together. The three of them agreed to go out onto the mountains together, but someone had offhandedly mentioned to Carla that Justin was probably annoyed at all the new snowboarders who were slowing down the trip. That comment stayed with Carla, possibly making her feel self-conscious.

Later that day, the group had all agreed to meet at a location before heading back to the bus but when Carla and her friend got there, the rest of the group had already left. “At this point I had thought ‘it must be that skier guy who got everyone to leave us behind!”

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