Take A Step Inside The Glamorous Worlds Of 5 AI-Based Artists

From luxury car-shaped villas to futuristic, spaceship-like abodes, here are some breathtaking visions from three AI-based artists that we wish were real. 

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs like Midjourney and DALL-E, people in different professions now have the ability to generate entire worlds with word prompts of their choosing. This has opened many doors for those in the field of design and architecture, as things that were once ideas in their head can transform into realistic images that they can share with the world. Of course, if one was to actually build these marvels, it would take a lot of time and funds. Nonetheless, seeing them as visual, almost tangible possibilities is still an interesting and entertaining experience. 

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Five artists, in particular, have been sharing their lavish creations on their Instagram accounts for people’s enjoyment. These structures are unlike anything that exists in this world, so it’s hard not to wish they were real: 

Maria Dudkina: Car-Shaped Villas and Chess Residence

AI-based architectural designer Maria Dudkina creates opulent, glittering mansions that take on exciting, extraordinary forms. Even the wealthiest people in the world can only dream of having these kinds of abodes—for now at least. Until the day comes where designs like those of Dudkina’s can become a reality, viewers will just have to enjoy the spectacle of her visions. 

Fans of luxury cars will certainly wish they had a home like the designer’s car-inspired villas. These sleek and sophisticated homes actually take on the shape of beautiful automobiles, with classy interiors surrounded by lush greenery. 

Dudkina also created a chess-inspired residence, which looks like something straight out of a surreal dream. Marble interiors feature chess piece-inspired fixtures, giving the home a stately yet whimsical appearance.  

Jenifer Haider Chowdhury: “White Beauty” and a Modern Egyptian Palace

Architect Jenifer Haider Chowdhury also creates contemporary structures through AI, each image featuring futuristic curves and sparkling white interiors that exude elegance. 

Take Chowdhury’s “White Beauty” residence, for example, which looks like a spaceship one would never want to leave. Its curved exteriors and interiors give it a cozy feel, with warm lighting fixtures and bits of nature creating a tranquil atmosphere. Rocks and waterfalls surround the home, transforming it into an ideal space for peace and quiet. 

Chowdhury also created a “Modern Egyptian Palace,” one she imagines descendants of the Egyptian royal family could inhabit. It certainly carries a grandeur worthy of the pharaohs with its grand cream-colored spaces and gold accents. Egyptian iconography can be seen in different walls of the home, with matching furniture and decor that complement them perfectly. 

Manas Bhatia: Green Cities and a Luxury Fashion Store 

Architect Manas Bhatia often crafts spaces and structures that incorporate nature. The designer imagines green spaces with modern architecture that feel like possible futures. In his pieces, the environment and places within it share a symbiotic relationship, adapting to one another and drawing inspiration from each other. 

One glance at the architect’s Instagram feed, and one can clearly see his fascination with green spaces: trees and plants surround buildings, bodies of water create tropical-looking enclaves, and modern design marries tradition. Everything looks organic and alive—even the more inanimate fixtures in a place. 

Bhatia has also delved into the world of luxury design, having created mesmerizing storefronts and interiors for fashion stores. Here, fashion transcends the borders of a shop’s walls, with architecture serving as an extension of fine couture. Though as one would expect, Bhatia also ensures that natural elements are included to create a space that would be both stylish and sustainable. 

If Only: Winter Pop-Up Stores for Famous Luxury Brands

Paris-based AI artist If Only lives up to their name with their Instagram feed filled with gorgeous and surreal worlds. They often create pieces that imagine seasonal storefronts for some of the biggest names in luxury. Though they’re far from real, perhaps companies like LVMH can take some notes; these storefronts may very well exist in a foreseeable future.

Recently, If Only shared pictures of winter pop-up stores for luxury jewelers and fashion houses. Audiences particularly loved the glittering, ice-inspired visions for the jewelry stores, with If Only’s post gaining 15.8k views in just 15 hours.

Their visions of winter stores for couture brands are also the epitome of luxe, embodying the grand fur pieces one would often see on fashionable women. Each storefront fully captures the spirit and essence of houses like Chanel, Dior, Versace, and Hermès.

Astashion: Luxury Brand Vacation Homes

Many luxury brands have already set up five-star hotels, including fashion houses like Bulgari and Versace, but what about opulent vacation homes? AI artist Astashion envisions glamorous villas for brands like Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, and there’s no doubt that many would want to spend their days lounging within these abodes’ walls.

A Givenchy summer house may be the luxury getaway of the future/Photo via Instagram @asta.shion

Take the Givenchy summer house with its towering windows, high ceilings, and stunning lakeside views. It even has a gilded bathroom that exudes elegance and affluence. Meanwhile, Astashion’s Louis Vuitton house in the woods is a luxe and cozy cottage retreat. It’s got that cabin-like atmosphere but still with those touches of refinement, including a manicured garden at the back.

Banner photo via Instagram @arch_jenifer.

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