Luxury Chocolate Brand

Capturing the essence of Filipino heritage through luxury hand-crafted chocolate by ingredients, design, flavors, memories, and stories.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s July 2023 Issue.

Unique not just for its flavors and designs, but also because of the memories and stories that each and every luxury hand-crafted CMV Txokolat chocolate highlights–Filipino heritage. It is emerging as one of the Philippines’ premium and luxury chocolate brands. Flavors like gumamela call to mind bucolic Filipino scenes. Examples of this are children at wondrous and carefree play while muddling the flower to turn it into bubbles. Such stories allow one to connect with this Filipino luxury chocolate brand and offers a glimpse of the Philippine genteel life.

Filipino luxury chocolate brand CMV Txokolat
Signature pralines / Photographed by Pilar Bonnin for Filipino luxury chocolate brand CMV Txokolat

Enhancing lives of Philippines local producers

The luxury chocolate brand puts a premium on using local ingredients. This is so for its availability and flavor. More importantly, it is done in order to support local producers. Working with the best domestically offers a platform for Philippine local producers. This allows them and Filipino heritage to shine. 

Imported ingredients are also needed due to non-availability in the country. Their necessary role in the chocolate creating process achieves particular results. They also put focus on local ingredients in a different light. This conveys that Filipino elements pair well with various items from all over the world. 

Filipino luxury chocolate brand CMV Txokolat
Smoked caramel rice crispies in milk chocolate / Photographed by Pilar Bonnin for Filipino luxury chocolate brand CMV Txokolat

Sharing Filipino heritage with the world through chocolate

The luxury chocolate brand‘s higher purpose is to bring Filipino heritage and culture to the world. The brand aims to show the world the Philippine’s rich and diverse heritage. There is much more to Filipino culture than the few known dishes and customs. There is a strong drive to put on center stage Filipino heritage, produce, customs, history, and producers. This highlights the world-class quality of Philippine-made products and confections.

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Filipino luxury chocolate brand CMV Txokolat
Vegan chocolate truffles / Photographed by Pilar Bonnin for Filipino luxury chocolate brand CMV Txokolat

Infusing flavors with nostalgia

The vision and dream is to be a recognized Filipino luxury chocolate brand fostering a symphony of traditional flavors. This is practiced by infusing chocolate with a twist of nostalgia and heritage. It aims to be an extraordinary chocolate house showcasing sentimental value and evoking an avid sense of curiosity. The brand’s founder Christian Valdes believes: “As an individual or collective, we all have a story to tell and we can do this through chocolate by stimulating the senses and evoking cultural curiosity.”

Filipino luxury chocolate brand CMV Txokolat
Sofia strawberries / Photographed by Pilar Bonnin for Filipino luxury chocolate brand CMV Txokolat

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Banner photo courtesy of CMV Txokolat. Photography by Pilar Bonnin.

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