LVNA and Ivana Alawi Extend Their Brilliance Through Social Initiatives

Through the glistening glamour of life’s treasures, nothing can ever be more valuable than the feeling of support

The best kinds of luxuries are those shared with others. In trying times, being able to impart moments of joy to the people around you through your resources is one of life’s leading missions. That is why a number of companies and organizations pursue these kind-hearted efforts, especially during disaster-stricken moments such as a global pandemic or typhoons. They’re not just sharing materials or tangible treasures, but a feeling of support and comfort from the people they look up to the most. With no hesitation, LVNA by Drake Dustin arranged an initiative to do exactly that during the past holiday season with their Make A Wish giveaway.

In line with the release of their #StayBrilliant campaign starring Ivana Alawi, LVNA hosted a Make A Wish giveaway to grant their customers and loyal patrons the experience of a blissful holiday season, especially during this time of recovery. In a social media post, LVNA scheduled to grant one special person their wish of a lifetime. However, in a fortunate twist of events from the outpouring of support by the company’s partners and benefactors, the giveaway saw multiple winners. From gadgets to get by remote work and education, to financial relief in supporting small businesses and family priorities, this effort served as a reminder that having a kind heart knows no status, and no support is too great or too minimal.

But more than the #StayBrilliant campaign itself being a platform for giving back, Ivana Alawi herself has decided to pursue a charitable undertaking of her own. As a LVNA ambassador, Ivana is not only expected to showcase the glistening gems of the brand, but also become the embodiment of the company’s values. After the production of the campaign video, Ivana shared a part of her talent fee to help people in her community through the latter part of 2020. It was about taking the spirit of the campaign and putting it into action.

The past year has been a challenge. Though goals and plans in life have been postponed, or ultimately cancelled, the will to keep on pushing will never fade away. No pandemic, typhoon, or any other calamity can compete with the essence of human perseverance and compassion. Even in the darkest of times, there is a light inside of us. Through these initiatives, LVNA reminds everyone to use that light to be a beacon of hope to others.

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