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Hereโ€™s the best of BTS.

Fans of BTS are finding their desire for their idols’ merch to be in full bloom as we enter the Spring days.

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Aside from music revenues, K-popโ€™s own merch industry alone is already worth at least $132 million.

The ever-increasing demand for such merchandise has prompted makers to innovate and diversify their offerings.

After all, it will take more than just photocards to continue pleasing hungry K-pop fans.

Here are the latest examples of BTS merch that kept things interesting by changing up the formula.


Our biases have their own favorites.

This was the concept behind the Noodle Shop’s Cafรฉ in the City found at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Between April 5 to 7, the establishment will offer a 90-minute experience where customers can enjoy a prix-fixe menu. This is inspired by the artists’ favorite dishes.

Michelin-star Chef Back Sung Ook (Akira Back) personally curated the lineup of Korean dishes adored by the boys.

Each patron can choose one appetizer, one entrรฉe, and one dessert. Dishes include tteokbokki, modeum twigim, kimchi buchimgae, beef cutlet sandwich, gimbap (special), bibimguksu, spicy beef ramyeon, galbijjim, jajangmyeon, kimchi bokkeumbap, Korean fried chicken, bungeoppang, Korean shaved ice, and crispy rice ice cream sandwiches.

Map of the soul

Known for producing their own sound, BTS is now helping their fans find song direction.

And the best way is to provide their very own piano sheet music.

The merch features official arrangements of their hit songs โ€œDynamite,โ€ โ€œLife Goes On,โ€ โ€œButter,โ€ and โ€œPermission to Dance.โ€


Specialty retailer Zumiez has prepared a lineup of BTS-themed merch consisting of hoodies, tees, keychains, and figurines, among others.

The mini-figures feature the BTS members during the Mic Drop era.

Now theyโ€™re as cute as they are swag.

Mic drop

The BTS Hangeul Board Game comprises different modes that can be played by anyone.

Its difficulty is flexible enough to accommodate people with varying degrees of Korean knowledge, from beginner to proficient.

Fans can play with BTS-related word cards and BTS-themed components.


A 79-card tarot companion takes inspiration from BTS and popular culture to explore universal pains and growing up.

Entitled “Diary of Youth,” the tarot cards are the collaboration of Maria Mison (art and design) and Mara Andres (writing).

The package contains 79 collage art cards, a 30-page guidebook, a hard case box of four variants, one random photocard, and stickers.

Banner Photo via Zumiez’s Twitter

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