Magical Landscapes: Fantastical Flora And Fauna Come Alive in Kitty Taniguchi’s Latest Exhibit - Arts & Culture

The Dumaguete-based artist’s Flower Moon will be featured at Silverlens Galleries starting Thursday, and will be available for viewing online and in-person.

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Silverlens is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Kitty Taniguchi. The show, called Flower Moon, continues the artist’s exploration of imagery revolving around personal mythologies set in landscape.

Currently residing in Dumaguete, Cristina “Kitty” Taniguchi completed an MA in English and American Literature at Silliman University in 1985. Her thesis was titled Gothic Tales in Siquijor: Their Theological Implications.

Portrait courtesy of the artist

Striking images

Taniguchi has been painting since, and has had numerous group exhibitions. As for solo shows, she has exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Ayala Museum, Pinto Gallery, and at Mariyah Gallery, an artist-run space she founded in 1992.

In Flower Moon, figures are rendered in oil, acrylic and ink comprising of tigers, unicorns, crows, lions, fantastical plants, and cityscapes seen from afar like mountain ranges. In the midst of it all, a woman sits in repose and waiting. The images float freely around her removed from their context and now retold allowing for different embodied meanings.

Taniguchi’s re-telling of these myths set in new terrain allows stories to return to its geographical roots and pave other ways of expressing self-hood. Crows are an enduring totem for Taniguchi appearing in her body of work as a visual artist and poet. They are drawn hovering in the peripheries or observing at a remove.

Not an omen

In the world portrayed in her work, crows are not always black nor are they seen as malevolent. Seen under the New Age lens, the birds are considered a good omen symbolizing magic and mysticism. Literature uses the image of the crow as an ode to imagination bridging reality to creation. Here Taniguchi does the same.

Dumaguete-based Kitty Taniguchi is a widely exhibited visual artist, gallerist and poet both locally and overseas. She also manages her own art space. Her show will be on exhibit at Silverlens Gallery from May 14 to June 11, 2021. Words by Joyce Roque.

Flower Moon will be on view onsite alongside A Lonely Picket in the Balcony, a solo exhibition by Leslie de Chavez until June 11, 2021. These exhibitions will be ready for online viewing on May 13, 2021, and open for physical viewing the following day.

Silver Lens’ physical space is open, but visits are strictly by appointment only. Schedule your visit here.

For more information, contact [email protected], or at +63 917 587 4011.

Banner Photo of “Flower Moon and Desert Sky,” 2020, oil on canvas, 60h x 60w in, 152.40h x 152.40w cm, courtesy of Silverlens Galleries

This announcement was published with permission from Silverlens Galleries

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