Make Me Over: Bella Hadid Launches NFT Collection With Her Face And Body Scans - The Scene

The supermodel undergoes a “metamorphosis.”

Bella Hadid is releasing a collection of 11,111 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) spread across 10 world regions. This used 3D body scanning technology so that each NFT resembles the supermodel’s identity.

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The collection is known as “CY-B3LLA.” It is the first of its kind that focuses its design based on the 10 countries it represents.

Hadid, in cooperation with reBASE, will reveal a location weekly from July to September. These will each host 1,111 NFTs.

The first revealed NFT location, Tokyo, takes inspiration mainly from robotics. It also took notes from manga, shibari, cosplay, sakura, and minimalism.

Moreover, C3-B3LLA claims to be the first NFT collection to fully embrace the concept of lighting. All of the NFTs are in 4K resolution.

“[Each] NFT is individually designed in contrast to a conventional algorithm-based attribute design. Our design team has dedicated artisanal design efforts to each individual NFT with attention to details, instead of mass producing the collection,” according to the C3-B3LLA website.

The collection will also reserve special mono-color traits specific to each region. Japan, for instance, will offer CY-B3LLA only in white, Sakura pink, and red.

Regional specialties

Thus, the project claims that no other NFT collection has previously implemented mono-color.

To produce these regional attributes, the collection collaborated with local artists.

Furthermore, stakeholders extensively researched these traits to accurately represent each region. Factors included unique heritage, pop culture, trends, and emotions.

“To complete Bella’s perfect aesthetic, we used the help of world-renowned individuals that work behind the scenes in the fashion industry. Together with Bella Hadid, they have designed a variety of unique traits tailored to the CY-B3LLA collection, such as makeup looks and hairstyles,” according to the website.

Banner Photo by CY-B3LLA via website.

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