PJ Laude’s Trailblazing Path To Success

PJ Laude paves his own way towards personal and collective financial success.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s July 2023 Issue.

Christopher Laude, fondly called PJ, is born into a family of illustrious business background. His paternal grandparents are well known in the Filipino Chinese community as the owners of Candyman— makers of White Rabbit, Viva Caramel and Kendi-Mint. 

They have a factory in Malabon that has been there for decades. When people go to Malabon, Candyman serves as a directional landmark because of how long the factory has been there. 

PJ Laude
PJ Laude/Photo courtesy of Ed Simon of KLIQ, INC.

His grandparents Carlos and Elisa Laude are not just well known in the FilChi community but are well loved members as well for their easy going personalities and generosity.

PJ’s maternal grandparents hail from Nueva Ecija who also owned businesses and a bowling alley. His father Philip is a businessman and trader, while his mom Small is now an online celebrity, who also needs some business background to manage her endorsements and content. 

PJ says, “I was exposed as a young child to business because my parents, grandparents, and other relatives often talk about business during lunch and dinners. Although, I really started to gain interest during my teen years. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who run their businesses very well. Both my parents always encouraged my siblings and I to get into business and entrepreneurship.”

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A Unique Childhood 

Growing up in a world surrounded by financial transactions, PJ developed a deep curiosity and passion for the stock market as his father showed him the ropes of this industry. 

From an early age and way into his teens, PJ was fascinated by the flurry of activity in his father’s office. The constant ringing of phones, the rapid discussions about market trends, and the sight of people making crucial decisions captivated him. 

He watched his father with admiration as he navigated through the ups and downs of the financial world. He works in Timson Securities which is a brokerage firm that trades Philippine stocks. It was founded by his dad. 

Even before the brokerage started, PJ already had an idea on how the stock market works because his dad would always educate his brothers and him about it. PJ adds, “I admired him so I would listen and try to pick his brains on how he approaches the stock market.” Ever since he graduated from Xavier School, he already started helping out at the brokerage firm.

PJ Laude
PJ Laude/Photo courtesy of Ed Simon of KLIQ, INC.

As PJ grew older, he became determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and carve his own path in the industry. He studied finance diligently, devouring books on investment strategies and attending seminars to expand his knowledge. 

Apart from his father, he looks up to Warren Buffet. He says, “I would watch his interviews and see how he approaches investing. It is clear why he is a big inspiration to most of the people in our industry; he is simply the best at what he does.”

His father introduced PJ to the inner workings of the stocks and securities firm. He taught him the importance of thorough research, meticulous analysis, and the significance of building relationships based on trust and integrity. PJ absorbed these lessons eagerly, determined to excel in the challenging field. He is continuing to learn every day.

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Banner photo courtesy of Ed Simon of KLIQ, INC.

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