Indulge in an Ultimate Feast of Steaks and Lobsters

Food connoisseurs always seek for newest courses to taste but sometimes, the appetite calls for delectable and heavy dishes. To satiate this hunger, a selection would oftentimes include the ocean’s expensive treasure–fresh lobster, and a staple in the fine dining scene–mouthwatering steak. Marriott Hotel serves an unlimited feast of these steaks and lobsters in Marriott Café’s buffet spread and in Cru Steakhouse. This is the most satisfying lunch or dinner that seafood and steak enthusiasts can have.

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boiled and buttered lobster with lemon and calamansi slices.
Boiled and buttered lobster. (Photograph from Marriott Hotel)

Savor the luxury of the ocean

Marriott Hotel’s café added Canadian lobsters to its buffet line every Tuesday for the whole month of April. There is a myriad of ways to enjoy this fresh seafood. These huge lobsters are perfect for any style of cooking–boiled, grilled, or drizzled in a flavorful sauce. Crack it open and taste the silky texture of the lobster’s meat. Specialty dishes like Lobster Thermidor are also available to try. This is a classic French lobster with meat stuffed in cream and covered with over-browned cheese. You may also opt for Garlic Lobster flambéed in white wine or enjoy a citrus flavor by grilling it with lemon slice extract.

Lobster with corn and fresh cherry tomatoes. (Photograph from Marriott Hotel)

To elevate your lobster indulgence, other scrumptious dishes are available for you to feast on. There are salmon gravlax, artisan cheeses, and charcuterie. For those preferring a lighter course, there is a salad station with over 10 varieties of your favorite greens and choices of dressing. For Japanese cuisine enthusiasts, choose from a selection of fresh sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, and tempura. There is also a noodle bar with soup noodle specials or you can opt to have your wok fried. For local cuisines, there are all-time favorites like kare-kare and bulalo. To cap off this delectable feast, Marriott Café offers their signature gelato. They also have other divine desserts with sugar-free options.

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U.S. Certified Angus Beef on a wooden board.
U.S. Certified Angus Beef with cherry tomatoes, strawberry cake slice, choice salad, black peppercorn sauce, and red wine. (Photograph from Marriott Hotel)

A desire for only the premium

Cru Steakhouse brings back unlimited slabs of tender U.S. Certified Angus Beef on Sundays. These steaks are hand-seasoned and prepared to achieve excellent quality and flavor. The menu starts off with an appetizer: from a shrimp cocktail dipped in garlic barbeque aioli and cucumber-avocado salsa to a rich, buttery foie gras with beet puree to mango and lime chutney to brioche toast or creamy mushroom soup with mushroom ragout and truffle oil. These flavorful hors d’oeuvres would certainly thrill your palate for the main course. This is composed of the well-marbled and perfectly grilled slabs of steak. These go perfectly with sides like a classic garlic whipped potato, sautéed carrots, thick and flavorful mushroom risotto, and black peppercorn sauce. For a sweet finish, there is also a dessert buffet table with signature cakes and sweets of Marriott Manila’s Executive Pastry Chef, Fil Afable.

Dining at the Marriott Hotel and Cru Steakhouse is a rewarding experience especially to seekers of fresh and premium courses. These lobsters and steaks can satiate your hunger but it would leave you wanting to indulge in for more occasions.

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