The Mead Kings Celebrate a Milestone in Their Marriage -

We all know of the Mead King’s extraordinary love story. Their names caught many people’s attention in 2016 when car enthusiast and business tycoon Ian King, revealed herself as Angelina Mead King through her Instagram account. She was already 5 years married with model Joey Mead King then. Their relationship has been tested by time, changes, and challenges, and has truly inspired many and continues to do so. Yesterday, the couple celebrated their “car anniversary”, the day a year ago when Angie gave her wife a rare mustang as a present.

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The glorious Stang is a ’67 Eleanor that’s number 7 in the build. Angie specifically ordered the car in automatic transmission because according to her, Joey is lazy and would just wants to put her car in drive. For the exteriors, Angie had it blacked out. She chose a flat black paint with a matte clear finish, smoked lights and black wheels.

On the day of reveal, Joey was all tears and screams. The model seemed as if she couldn’t help herself from all the excitement and extreme joy she felt.

Even after a year, people all over Instagram gushed over the gesture of Angie to Joey.

Watch the full video of the surprise here:

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