Michelle Obama's Cooking Show Should Be Your Family’s Next Netflix Binge

After ‘Becoming Michelle Obama,’ America’s former First Lady delves into the wonderful culinary world, featuring, well, puppets.

From a gripping retelling of her life in Becoming, Michelle Obama moves into the world of culinary arts, and interestingly, her cooking friends are puppets. Taking off from the names of the colorful puppets, Waffles + Mochi is a Netflix 10-part series. While it is oriented towards a younger audience, the cooking show is an enjoyable series for parents as they guide their children to become chefsmaybe not in the literal sense, but help them learn cooking in the most entertaining way.

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Michelle Obama with Mochi and Waffles. (Photo from Adam Rose/Netflix)

Travels of aspiring chefs

For parents, their children’s health is a priority above all. So it is only crucial to look out for what they eat, opting for healthier choices. Obama turned this into the overarching theme of the cooking show. Playing the role of a supermarket owner in The Land of Frozen Food, she helps out her puppet friends Waffles and Mochi to fulfill their dreams to become chefs.

Obama has a magic shopping trolley that flies the three of them to different places across the globe. They visit farms, restaurants, and kitchens, learning the different dishes, techniques, and cooking culture and traditions. Of course, they meet up with well-known chefs, home cooks, and even celebrities to better understand and guide the three in their recipes.

Parents can help their children recreate the show’s recipes, building delightful bonding moments within the family.

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(Photo from Adam Rose/Netflix)

A healthy move

The cooking show is an extension of Obama’s public health campaign. Called, “Let’s Move!” the initiative is dedicated to addressing childhood obesity which children in America face today. This generation’s children experience a lifestyle of decreased physical activities. They have fewer afternoon sports in schools and more bus rides than walks to and from school. Even their diets mostly consist of snacks rather than home-cooked meals. Parents are typically busy and barely have time to prepare dishes. Thus, Obama’s “Let’s Move!” platform aims to work on this concern and provide families access to affordable yet healthy meals.

Now that Obama has a new media venture, and it is even on Netflix, the former First Lady is definitely sharing her wisdom and using her influence to help out families. Her cooking series is not only informative but brilliantly engaging for growing children.

Netflix’s “Waffles + Mochi” premieres on March 16, 2021.

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