Beautiful and Capable: Children with Different Needs Build Their Dreams

The Miss Possibilities 2019 pageant for children with different needs encourages them to believe they are capable like everyone else.

For five years, Miss Possibilities Foundation, Inc. have been reaching out and supporting children with different needs. From humanitarian projects like medical missions and hosting pageants, the foundation places these children at the forefront. Through hope and self-confidence, they encourage young girls and boys to build their dreams at a young age. This year, the Miss Possibilities pageant gathered celebrities and important guests to witness and support young girls in showing their wit and talent. The lovely afternoon celebrated the beauty and wonderful capabilities of the children.

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The stage of the pageant.
LEFT: Miss Possibilities Foundation, Inc. Head Suzanna Yuzon. RIGHT: Hindy Weber-Tantoco as one of the panelists.

Building dreams

Miss Possibilities Foundation, Inc. Founder Suzanna Yuson established the organization to convey the message that young girls with special needs are capable like everyone else. Through its committee and group of volunteers, the foundation held medical missions in communities and its much-anticipated annual pageant. The social event encourages children with different needs to build hope and self-confidence. It made sense as when children see their friends up on stage, they can be inspired to do similar. They need not be conscious of themselves as they have their own gifts they can show and share with others.

As with the pageants in the past years, young girls dressed up in beautiful gowns and showed their wit and talent on stage. One sang a beautiful rendition of “Defying Gravity” while others danced to popular music. Everyone saw the support of the families, personalities, and guests as they cheered and applauded for each finalist. The fashion show featuring celebrities was another highlight of the pageant. Donning on vibrant apparel, the children walked down the runway, escorted by personalities. They enjoyed posing in front of the crowd, reinforcing how the true meaning of beauty is never about physical appearances but love for oneself and for others.

Denise Laurel was one of the supporters of the 2019 Miss Possibilities pageant.

Creating possibilities

Through Miss Possibilities Foundation, Inc., children with different needs and their families can receive support to be included in the conversation. It makes them realize there are different opportunities for these children to shine in their own way. Encouraging young girls to believe they are capable is certainly a necessary step to bring about true inclusion in society.

Photos from Miss Possibilities Foundation, Inc.

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