Action Queen: New Miss Universe Andrea Meza Speaks For Women Empowerment, And Against Gender Violence

The Mexican beauty, who just won the crown, looks set to create a legacy of upholding women’s rights and inclusion.

Andrea Meza of Mexico was just crowned as the new Miss Universe, and with her unforgettable looks and inspiring statements, many are looking forward to the legacy she will build under the prestigious title.

Held in Florida, USA, the international event witnessed the 26-year-old grace the stage with her thoughtful and moving answers to the pageant questions. Meza is not only firm in her beliefs toward a leadership governed by empathy but she is first and foremost, an activist dedicated to helping end gender-based violence.

Inspiring insights

Meza takes pride in her software engineering degree, another high-profile example that women can succeed in a male-dominated field. However, she chose to focus on her career in modeling and pageantry. Apart from being Miss Universe, she holds the titles of Mexicana Universal 2020, Miss Mexico 2017, and the 1st runner-up at Miss World 2017.

While thriving in these landscapes, she continues to demonstrate her compassion and intellectual prowess. In her final five question, she acknowledged the difficult responsibility of a leader handling the COVID-19 crisis. Yet she emphasized prioritizing people’s welfare above all, and that is through implementing a lockdown.

The Chihuahua native also gave an inspiring statement on the changing standards of what is beautiful, saying, “beauty radiates not only in our spirit, but in our hearts and the way that we conduct ourselves. Never permit someone to tell you that you’re not valuable.”

PHOTO: Meza was chosen to be an ambassador in the Municipal Institute for Women to promote the campaign, “rejecting street harassment is also healthy distance.” This highlights how street harassment is a reality that every woman experiences at some time in her life.

Activist at heart

It is not a surprise for the new Miss Universe to give such uplifting messages. After all, Meza has always been an activist, promoting women’s rights. Her IG bio firmly declares “stop gender violence,” and naturally, this is supported by her actions.

She actively works with the Municipal Institute for Women in Mexico, fostering non-discriminatory opportunities and treatment for women. The institute established Women Free of Violence Networks that began in 2011. They visit neighborhoods and communities to facilitate necessary workshops for women, tackling critical issues like violence prevention, autonomy, women’s rights, gender, and sisterhood.

PHOTO: Meza promotes stopping sexual harassment in the streets. In Ciudad Juarez, panic buttons, guard booths, and administrative sanctions were implemented as a response.

Since 2011, over 29,000 women have taken part in the program. The institute is committed to creating a community for more women to gain the strength to take action against gender-based violence and discrimination.

Through the institute and now as this year’s Miss Universe, many are looking forward to how Meza will use her title and privilege to inspire and encourage women to fight for their freedom and rights.

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