Modest Fashion On The Rise: Four Brands Exuding Understated Elegance

Out with the tube tops and in with the maxi dresses, modest fashion is an emerging trend that is worth watching out for.

Three years into the new decade, the comeback of the early 2000s fashion trends revived outfits that centered around low-rise jeans, cropped tops, mini skirts, and tank tops. It seems that clothes nowadays show more skin and use less fabric. Instagram feeds are now filled with revealing and form-fitting clothing that exudes sultriness, comfort, and carefreeness at the same time. 

Amidst the saturated skimpy and short clothing market emerges a bud of modest fashion. The clothing aesthetic started because of the need for Muslim women to have modest and wearable every day-clothes. In an industry that is projected to earn $311 billion in 2024, the demand for modest clothes is starting to go mainstream. 

What Is Modest Fashion?

The style differs from person to person modest clothing is clothes that are less revealing and more traditional. So longer sleeves, higher necklines, long pants, and looser silhouettes usually compose a modest outfit. But then again, different people interpret the trend—some prefer to cover themselves completely. While others prefer to take a more relaxed and looser approach, and some even a mixture of both. 

Photo via Instagram @zozofits

Muslim women have been carrying and spearheading the style ever since. Modest fashion started due to religious beliefs and affiliations—it is only now that mainstream media and fashion aficionados are picking it up. The credit for the trend should be given to the Muslim women who championed and pushed for style ever since. 

Photo via Instagram @halima

Major personalities sport the modest fashion trend such as supermodel and former Miss Minnesota USA semi-finalist Halima Aden who graced the cover of Vogue Arabia with her impeccable style. Another personality who was seen hopping on the bandwagon is the newlywed Sofia Richie Grainge who sported a wedding gown with a modest neckline. 

Photo via Instagram @sofiarichiegrainge

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Here are four brands for your most stylish modest wardrobe finds.

The Row

A brand established by the Olsen twins, The Row perfectly exudes modest fashion using minimalist yet effective designs to communicate the brand’s aesthetic.

Photo via Instagram @therow


Fun, floral, and fancy, the Australian brand brings a new twist to modest fashion using different floral patterns and color combinations without sacrificing the modest silhouette.

Photo via Instagram @zimmermann

Max Mara

Another brand that exudes modesty, Max Mara is for businesswomen who want to keep it simple. The ready-to-wear brand offers a wide selection of modest dresses and outfits that are also lush and luxurious. 

Photo via Instagram @maxmara

Giambattista Valli

Known for the brand’s haute couture line, Giambattista Valli’s ready-to-wear line also caters to those who want to invest in modest clothes. Fashionable and timeless dresses are the brand’s bread and butter.

Banner photo via Instagram @halima.

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