BTS Universe K-Drama, 'Youth,' Released Its First Trailer

Fans are ready to finally see the most beautiful moments in life on screen.

It’s been four years since news of the BTS drama Youth was first announced but we finally have an update! Its teaser trailer was screened for the first time at the 2023 Korea Expo in Paris on May 14, much to ARMYs’ excitement. This was the first time fans saw the actors playing their respective roles.

The cast includes Seo Ji Hoon as Jin, No Jong Hyun as Suga, Ahn Ji Ho as J-Hope, Seo Young Ju as RM, Kim Yoon Woo as Jimin, Jung Woo Jin as V, and Jeon Jin Seo as Jungkook. However, the names of the characters have been altered for the drama.

The project will expand on the storyline depicted in some of the boy group’s music videos and the Save Me webtoon.

BTS Universe KDrama trailer
Image via WEBTOON

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In the story, Seok-jin meets the other six boys during their high school days. Each character faces their own struggles, and together, they learn how to overcome them.

After graduating, the boys go their separate ways. But fate has other plans for them when they reunite under not so favorable circumstances.

BTS Universe KDrama trailer
Image via WEBTOON

Hints and Details in the Trailer

Fans were eager to point out scenes from the drama’s trailer that were already referenced in past content. One such scene is set in an amusement park with the carousel where J-Hope’s character was abandoned by his mother. This moment has been referenced in the Love Yourself highlight reel and the Fake Love music video.

Meanwhile, the scene of Jimin’s character submerging himself in a bathtub is a familiar one. The member has often been associated with water, also seen in Fake Love and in the music video for I NEED U.

Also in the trailer are solo shots of the characters before we see a montage of their happy moments together. The video then takes a darker turn when it hints at their personal struggles.

Behind the Production and Release

The drama, produced by Chorokbaem Media and HYBE, touts itself as the “World’s first paradigm of content distribution with Web 3.0 technology.”

The series was reportedly made with a budget of ₩40 billion, making it one of the biggest productions in K-drama history.

Fans, who raised their concerns about the drama using the BTS members’ real names, have had to wait longer than expected due to certain changes. Several scenes had to be reshot in early 2021 and the production officially wrapped up in late November.

Though no exact release date has been announced yet, the trailer stated that the drama will be “coming soon.”

Banner photo via Instagram @bts.bighitofficial.

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