More Than A Dress Code: A Personal Touch to Ethical Glam - Lookbook
February 6, 2020
photos Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100

Ethical Glam can mean many things to different people, here are some creative renditions.

It was a vibrant night at the Lifestyle Asia: Agents of Change Event last February 3 at the Manila House in BGC, where many distinguished guests came in stunning pieces and elegant gowns. But with an intriguing theme like “Ethical Glam,” one might wonder what type of garment falls under this curious category. Inspired from the night’s main theme in honoring agents of change, the dress code reflects this sentiment by promoting guests to wear pieces that represent positive change. In the belief that any small act of good can cause a ripple effect in others, the outfits of the night embody this whether if it’s through the material they were made with, how they were made, or even in the people that made them. Some guests gave a unique take on the attire, even imbuing a personal meaning to their outfit for the grand event.


Marga Nograles

In a striking entrance of deep colors and tribal patterns, Marga Nograles showed some local flair with her custom Kaayo black jumpsuit with T’boli tribe pattern detail. In describing her look for tonight, choosing to wear Kaayo provides help to “a number of indigenous tribes in Mindanao.” The hand-woven fabric that Kaayo sources from these tribes provide a livelihood for these people which is why Marga has chosen to highlight their culture and promote the sustainable efforts of Kaayo.


Vicki Belo

Giving a more practical yet beautiful meaning to the event’s theme, Dr. Vicki Belo chose to repeat a favorite dress of hers. What was once a long dress with delicate floral embroidery she once wore has now became a tea-length dress that has been given new life by her seamstress’ reworking. A direct rendition of the ethical aspect of theme, destroying the stigma of repeating a dress to events in a chic and classy execution.


Sabina Gonzalez

Going for a more personal touch in her ethical outfit, Sabina Gonzalez wore vintage pieces from her mother’s closet, proving that classic style never gets old. Sporting a vintage Rhett Eala apron paired with a sheer skirt from Joey Samson. A clean and effortless look made with timeless pieces, an efficient way to utilize pre-loved garments.


Ann Ong

Black and gold make for a strong classic strong combination that truly shines on Ann Ong. The high-fashion jewellery designer highlights her nature-inspired golden pieces with a deep black ensemble with gold trim. The sustainable aspect of Ann’s attire is more subtle than others, her shining jewellery is made by artisan that she personally trained herself, many coming from underprivileged backgrounds which she has a provided a craft and livelihood to stand by.

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