Moving Forward: Mawi Fojas De Ocampo is Lifestyle Asia's New Managing Editor - The Scene

My personal values as an editor are to inspire and educate because when we inspire and educate, we also empower and enable.

After announcing its new editor-in-chief, Candice “Candy” Dizon, Lifestyle Asia welcomes Maritess “Mawi” Fojas De Ocampo as its managing editor. Fojas De Ocampo joins the Philippines’ first luxury magazine with vast experience in the publishing industry, from the editorial realm to the business world.

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“Exciting times are ahead for Lifestyle Asia as it embarks in a new direction,” says Archie Carrasco, the CEO of One Mega Group. “After the appointment of Candy Dizon as the new editor-in-chief of Lifestyle Asia, I am happy to welcome Mawi as the new Managing Editor. With her decades of expertise in publishing, there’s no doubt Mawi will be a great addition to the team.”

Carrasco added that, most importantly, Fojas De Ocampo’s values are aligned with the brand. “After all, Lifestyle Asia is not about material wealth, it is about having a true purpose,” he points out. “This is what sets our media brand apart from the rest.”

As a working mom and corporate communications professional for more than 20 years, beyond writing and editing, Fojas De Ocampo specializes in internal and external corporate communications, marketing communications, content creation, public relations, corporate social responsibility, and crisis management. She has executed these skills in various media outlets and firms in real estate, healthcare, banking, hospitality, and the performance arts.

Even after entering diverse roles, Fojas De Ocampo arrives at Lifestyle Asia as her return to the world of publishing and editorial work—what she considers an undying passion.

“Mawi Fojas De Ocampo is an accomplished editor with years of publishing and brand experience. She returns to her first love which is editorial work and storytelling,” says Peewee Isidro–Reyes, vice president for Content of One Mega Group. “Her values, alongside her mission to be of service to others, is definitely aligned with Lifestyle Asia’s DNA and purpose. We are excited to have her as part of the Lifestyle Asia Team.”

As Lifestyle Asia continues to go “beyond luxury living,” Fojas De Ocampo aims to advance just that by providing more meaningful content. “My personal values as an editor are to inspire and educate because when we inspire and educate, we also empower and enable,” she shares. “I would love to build further on ‘beyond luxury living’ by advocating the “new luxury,” and from my own point of view, luxury equates to freedom—the freedom to be and do. I believe free will is the greatest gift our Creator gave us and empowered us with.”

For Fojas De Ocampo, luxury is when people with power, privilege, and influence use their tools to empower others. She counts that “true luxury” is when philanthropy is part of one’s active deeds.

“Using one’s blessings of wealth to transform lives—that is luxurious,” Fojas De Ocampo states. “And when we feature such human beings in our pages, we transform minds and hearts, create culture change and spark the desire in other powerful members of society to go out there and do their part to help—then we have made a difference, and we’ve done our job.”

Fojas De Ocampo continues, “I believe that at the heart of editorial work is service, and I feel blessed and grateful for this opportunity to return to my first and real love (editorial work) where I can honor my divine purpose and soul mission.”

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